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Jul 19, 2009 01:16 PM

Another Wynn restaurant question

We'll be at the Encore for 4 midweek nights the 1st week in August and want to concentrate on the Wynn restaurants - unless somewhere at Encore is unmissable - as my husband will be recovering from a big work project and wants minimal travel. We like all types of food, but get enough Japanese at home.

I plan to make dinner reservations at Wing Lei, Daniel Boulud and Bartolotta as well as the Country Club one day for lunch. One day we'll be out-of-town. Three questions, please.

#1. Am I making a big mistake not to do Alex? Their Taste of Wynn menu seemed a bit more limited, but I know this is the most acclaimed restaurant at the Wynn. #2. Are these restaurants a 'wow' visually? Am I missing any at Wynn that are more so? #3. I assume it would be a mistake to ask for a table outside in August. Yes?

Thanks so much.

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  1. #1 Alex is the feature restaurant at Wynn and one of the finest that Vegas has to offer. Their tasting menu has been amazing for me on 3-occasions now. The taste of Wynn would be a less expensive way to experience Alex. On TOW you will receive amuses prior to the appetizer course and very likely prior to dessert. Although the TOW menu is more limited, I think you will receive the same amazing food and service.

    Country Club is my favorite lunch venue on the Strip. Try the corn chowder soup appetizer. I get the ahi tuna salad just about every time and my wife orders the crabcakes. You won't go wrong here.

    You won't go wrong with DB either. The food is well-executed with good service. It gets a bit Vegasy with the lake show, but many seem to see that as a draw. I've had a couple very good meals here.

    Bartolotta most definitely has the "wow" factor you speak of. It may be too hot to dine outside in the cabanas, but the venue is quite attractive. If you enjoy seafood, this is your place! The TOW special looks fantastic. I highly recommend the fresh fish entree which they debone tableside.

    I've not dined at Wing Lei but hope to soon. Please report back on how it was.

    I love the restaurants at Wynn! Others I've enjoyed have been Botero, Sinatra and Okada. I thought Red 8, Stratta and Switch were forgettable.

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    1. re: climberdoc

      Thanks so much. Then we'll definitely do Alex. I don't want to omit anything so we'll just have to find a way to squeeze in another dinner! I'd like to do Wing Lei because they have a Peking Duck option on the TOW and that would be fun for our daughter who's never done this. Can't wait and I appreciate your advice.

      1. re: mocro

        My wife and I had the Peking Duck at Wing Lei about a year ago.
        The room is very nice. By far the nicest Chinese restaurant decor I've ever experienced. Service was very good.

        The Peking Duck was very good. My only issue was it really didn't seem any better than I've had at numerous much less expensive Chinese restaurants.

        1. re: mocro

          I've eaten at Wing Lei several times and have always enjoyed the experience. However, I have had the duck tasting menu at Wing Lei and quite honestly was really wishing for something other than duck by the time I was half-way through the meal.

          I would choose to eat at the teppanyaki tables at Okada over going to Wing Lei. The food is very good and the view is excellent with big windows looking out over the waterfall. You get the feeling of being outside without braving the Las Vegas heat. The price should be fairly comparable to the duck tasting menu at Wing Lei and their selection of sake is amazing.

          Also, Tableau has been a favorite breakfast spot, although I haven't been since they changed chefs and revamped the menu.

          1. re: maestrette

            We were there last week and did Wing Lei's duck tasting, DB's prix fixe, Stratta a la carte (wound up spending by far the most there - none of the others even broke $200 for two with dinner and drinks) and Tableau for breakfast a couple of times.

            All were quite nice. Tableau didn't "grab" me quite as much as it has in the past, but I can't really put my finger on why . . . food was fine, though a wisp less than sublime, service seemed a notch lower than what I recall from past visits (tho fine, just not as accurate or attentive) and there were issues with irritation from other guests. I think my wife enjoyed Wing Lei the most and I believe Boulud did it for me - probably because I found the food I had to be more interesting than the (quite-superb) duck at Wing Lei. Service at both WL and DB was wonderful. Service at Stratta was fine and my food was better than I'd expected (tho my wife complained the special lobster ravioli was far too salty).

            We were bummed that Alex was closed while we were there. Oh well . . . it's not as if we won't ever be back.

            1. re: Erich

              Thanks for your reply. We were able to add Alex as we're there for 5 nights so I'm excited. I keep trying to talk to my family about the great restaurants we'll be going to and they are sick of me yapping about it.

              1. re: mocro

                liked that :-P is that 'yapping' like a small chowhound...maybe they are not as houndish on the food but fired up on that little activity gambling...

                1. re: foodlvrzen

                  We're not gamblers, but I think their point is that they'd rather just eat the food instead of talk about it. haha