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Jul 19, 2009 12:53 PM

Bibou-a different perspective

There are a lot of laudatory posts about Bibou on this board. Our recent experience there did not match the hype. I have no complaints about the food, which was very good (though not as superlative as some have described). The service we experienced, however, was terrible. Our waiter was curt and dour. For example, he told us the special was "squab." When I dared ask how it was prepared, he looked annoyed and said "roasted." When we asked about two appetizers, his response was "I'll come back if you're not ready to order." He also rushed us through our meal, without appropriate time between courses and clearing too quickly. For example, as I was finishing my appetizer, he actually grabbed the plate from beneath my hand as I raised my fork to my mouth! The last straw was when the hostess told us, before we could finish our coffee and with other tables already cleared and reset, that she needed our table. We simply had not been there that long. Overall, the service made it a disappointing meal.

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  1. Although I found Charlotte to be charming and gracious, if it's the same waiter I'm thinking of, I agree. I found him to be haughty and somewhat dismissive, which rankled me for a bit. But then I drank a lot of wine and got over it.

    If I had to quibble even more, my rabbit terrine had a few big chunks of bone in it (which for the life of me I can't figure out) and the foie in the pied de porc was at best an afterthought. It was a tiny little chunk with a grainy consistency unlike any foie I've ever had. I never would have known it was foie had I not been expecting it. I'll gladly concede that it may be that the fat had rendered from it for the most part and as such left merely the structure of the liver, but it wasn't a pleasant texture.

    All of that said, I'll gladly return as neither of the food issues upstaged the overall experience, but considering the reviews, I was a little surprised at the rough edges. And like vicarious, I was a little annoyed by our server.