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Jul 19, 2009 12:16 PM

Dinner in Philly

Hi all -- I'm looking for a nice dinner spot to take out some visitors in two weeks. I just booked at Matyson, but a friend who went a few days ago said she thought it was a bit just-ok. I'm also considering Zahav, Modo Mio, and maybe Bibou (if I could still get reservations at these places). I've taken these guys to Supper and they liked it a lot, and I suppose what I'm looking or is something equally bold/adventurous, rather than just fancy. I've eaten at Zahav a few times and I know it's solid, but for that very reason I thought I'd take the opportunity to try something new. Also considered Little Fish, which is a favorite of mine, but there's a non-fish-lover among us.

Any views on the places I mentioned, or new ideas, would be much appreciated! Thanks...

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  1. Favorite spots for dinner in Philly:

    Any of these places will offer something a little more adventurous than the standard Philly Italian BYO.

    1. take them to Distrito! It's fun and different, and big enough that I can't see you having issues with reservations. Other than that, I'd agree with Zahav.

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        I think Tinto and Chifa are better than Distrito if you're leaning that direction...

      2. A nice spot for out of towners is Parc. Its atmosphere is swanky and the food is always good and there is something for everyone. I love Zahav too.

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          Thanks all. I think it's going to be Zahav. Jaba, I've tried all of those except Lolita; will check it out.

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            I would rule out Modo Mio. The food is great, but the noise level is an impossible din - not wise to go there with other people.

            We loved, loved, loved Bibou.

        2. I've personally always loved Matyson and think it's a great choice if they'd like to try one of Philly's BYOBs. But Melograno would be a nearby BYOB alternative, albeit strictly Italian.

          My pesonal experience with Tinto, as suggested elsewhere here, was pretty meh and I would say Amada would likely be the best choice of one of Jose Garces places for something along those lines.