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Jul 19, 2009 11:47 AM

Area's best red velvet cakes?

In your opinion, which bakery in the greater Boston area makes the best red velvet cake?

I'm looking for a cake for a birthday, but also possibly for my wedding next year. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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  1. I was quite happy with the red velvet from Yum Bunnies on Belmont St. in Belmont. A very simple red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (inside...buttercream on the outside) was tastefully done and didn't break the bank at under $30.

    1. Just this week I tried a red velvet cupcake from Bella Moto Bakery in Arlington that was out of this world. I'm not sure whether they make a full cake version but it's worth checking. I daresay it was the best red velvet cake I've ever tasted.

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        Frances at Bella Moto does make a full red velvet cake, which I recently served at a birthday party. It was moist, tasty, with the requisite cream cheese frosting, but not too sweet. I thought, and several guests agreed, it was the best I've had in Boston.

      2. Anyone able to provide a comparison between local red velvet cakes and say the one from Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn?

          1. I like the one at Firefly's BBQ. I don't have an authentic benchmark to compare it to, but it is very "homemade" tasing in a good way. Very thick cream cheese based frosting, and the cake is both light and very moist. What I like best about getting it at the restaurant is that it is served warm, so the frosting gets even gooier. We bought a whole cake from them for a birthday, and it was really cheap for the size (I think $24). You should call ahead to make sure they can set one aside unsliced.