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Jul 19, 2009 11:22 AM

Burgers from fresh ground meat?

Which places in Austin are offering burgers made from meat that they grind fresh in house every day? I think Houston's does this. Where else?

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  1. houston's definitely does. I think sullivan's used to, but i haven't had a good meal there in a while. Austin land and cattle might, they have had a good burgers in the past.

    actually, your higher end steak places are prob the best place to check. III forks, perry's, lamberts etc..

    1. Fuddruckers.
      Mighty Fine.
      My house.

      I just had one ground from the .87/lb brisket sale at HEB on the 4th - 11 more in the freezer.


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        Fuddruckers? Really? I know they had in-house butcher shops in the early-mid 90's, but those windows that used to look into a room full on hanging cow carcases are now just display cases with plastic replicas of hamburger patties. I assumed that, at best, they had centralized their meat grinding operations, and more likely, that they now buy from a mass supplier.

        1. re: Brian Lindauer


          The last two I ate at still ground their own beef - but that was 2 years ago in the Carolinas. They didn't have the meat display, though. My undretsanding that the USDA rules changed about those meat displays and they were harder to certify around 2001 or 2002 or so.

          All I can find on their website is this:

          Over twenty-five years later, we at Fuddruckers still hold true to our simple recipe and values: 100% USDA fresh ground beef, buns made from scratch every morning and throughout the day, and farm-fresh produce and all the other fabulous “fixins” that make your hamburger truly yours….because there are no shortcuts to perfection.