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Jul 19, 2009 10:41 AM

Mehek Punjab de (Fresno)

Very much enjoyed a take-out dinner from Mehek Punjab de (vegetarian Indian) the other night. I found only one other mention of this place on Chowhound:

Garlic naan. Made in the front area in (what I assume was) a tandoor oven; slathered with butter, garlic & herbs. It smelled so good we ate one of these in the car before we even got home.

Aloo Tikki: deep-fried mashed potato with spices. Really excellent: soft & moist interior with a nicely fried exterior; not too crunchy or overdone. Spices were delicious, too. Seemed a little greasy though we chalked that up to the fact that they sat in the car for 20 minutes before we got home. Served with two sauces: a dark, sweet sauce that we didn’t care for much & a light, creamy sauce with lots & lots of cilantro: really good with the aloo. Although I don’t recognize it on their menu, she told me (if I understood her correctly) that they also have a chickpea or chickpea & potato tikki available that we’d like to try.

Daal Makhni: curried lentils with butter. Also quite good: rich flavor; a comfort food texture. Perhaps a good entrée for someone who’s not excited about eating vegetarian; the richness almost has a kind of “meatiness” to it. Anxious to try other curried lentils.

Mushroom curry: yellow curry with sliced mushrooms. This was our least favorite: not bad but we both agreed that the texture was thin & I felt that the flavor was thin also.

We ordered our food (the daal & curry) spicy (our choices were mild, medium or spicy) & I have to say that they had quite a kick to them.

Also tried a piece of Khoya Barfi (also spelled Burfi) from the sweets counter: made with khoya (a dried milk similar to ricotta), spices & nuts. They have many different flavors made with different nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc.). The sweets are sold by the pound (about $4-$5/pound depending). It’s a texture that takes a little getting used to but after a few bites I found myself strangely attracted to the slight caramely flavor of this sweet.

Interior is a big, open space, hardwood floors & bulky wood, dark-stained tables. Smallest table was a four-top; I suspect they’re set up for families; couples may sit at long tables with other couples?

We’re very anxious to go back & try more. When we were there at 7:00 on a Friday evening, I was dismayed that the place was completely empty. Meanwhile, cars were parking outside & people were streaming to Plaza Ventana next door. I hope this Indian restaurant makes it a while; our first experience suggests it’s quite good & it deserves more customers.

Mehek Punjab de
3173 W. Shaw Ave.
(Time Square; half a block southwest of Shaw & Marks)

Mehek Punjab de
3173 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711

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  1. I've read on other sites that this place is fantastic. I've heard the quality,quantity and price are unbelieveable.........and very hottttt! ...........if you like.......Thanx,alan

    1. Any updates?

      I just looked at the online menu and it's more extensive than any of the Bombay-style chaat & sweet shops I can think of in Fremont or Silicon Valley, center of the Bay Area's Indian population. All those parathas, makki ki roti, black choley, sounds really good.

      1. Wasn't aware of this thread and as a result started another with the same title:

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          Thank goodness for brackets & paratheses so we can keep track of which thread is which!