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Jul 19, 2009 10:38 AM

CSA's or Green Carts?

Does anyone know if the fruit and vegetable carts around town souce from local farms?

Looking to get my fruits and vegetables from a local source but the CSA's in my area (Community Supported Agriculture) are full for the summer.

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  1. I think they source from Manhattan Fruit Exchange. Though, Im not sure why I think that.

    The farmer's markets around town will give you a guaranteed local source. Union Square is open Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat. Other nabes have markets at other times/days.

    1. a lot of those random fruit/veg carts on various street corners everywhere (catering mostly to workers in the area) get their veg trucked/shipped in from anywhere, really; no local credentials at all; just your typical produce that gets sold in markets/bodegas/chinatowns all over the city.

      anyway, try this, might help:

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      1. Sassy:
        I have a 'market CSA' account with Norwich Meadows Farm.
        They are at Union Square Sat. , Tompkins Square Sun and other locations.

        Go and speak to Zaid or Haifa about putting money 'on account'. If you apply early in the year, you can get a substantial discount -- but you get your pick of what's available, including eggs, chicken, etc. I love CSA but it's just not convenient for me-- this is a much better arrangement, and I go every weekend.

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          good to know about that, syberyenta; I get norwich's stuff thru my CSA (prince george) but . . . I don't really like the quantities; a previous CSA I was in before was far more generous and even currently so (when I look at their current weekly updates).

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            Thanks for the info - I enjoyed my Norwich CSA when we had 4 ppl but now we're down to 2.