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Jul 19, 2009 10:23 AM

Blush Lane is fantastic (Cgy)

Went out to Blush Lane at West Springs on Saturday. Their new store at West Springs completely blew me away. What a fantastic store. Beautiful selection or organic and natural food products, pretty good pricing overall. I have rarely seen a place with such good and diverse selection. Whoever is buying for them sure knows how to get the mix. This is a great place. Parking is probably a little bit tight ... not too much when all the other stores are busy too ... but it could be worse.

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  1. It is a great store for sure.

    1. Loved that organic pasta they sell. Also, for anybody who is a celiac this is THE PLACE for you! You can find all kinds of weird and wonderful wheat free things.

      And... When you are done shopping... stop into The Lady Bug for a crepe or panini! Yum!

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      1. I like Blush Lane and I'm glad they have a 7day/week store. Because of proximity I'mm more likely to go to Planet Organic myself, and the parking there is a lot more plentiful. Last time I was in that West Springs development I had to do quite the manouvering to get my minivan (yup, I said minivan) out of the lot.

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          I like Blush Lane too, but find the parking very tight at times -- for some reason I usually arrive when some delivery truck is in the parking lot :o(( I only go when I'm in the vicinity for something else. I usually shop at Amaranth; I find the two fairly comparable. I find Planet Organic can get tricky for parking too, depending on the day/time.

          1. re: sweeterpea

            I've been to Amaranth too (all of them are a drive since we're in Panorama Hills) and found sometimes produce was a bit iffy... but it's been awhile so maybe it's more consistent now. I usually go to Planet O after a trip to Market Mall so it's on my way home... or Community after my shift at the Food Bank.

            1. re: maplesugar

              Come to think of it, Amaranth's parking can be tricky as well. I shop on Thursday/Friday when they get their fresh stuff in. I have found Planet Organic produce iffy as well. I guess it's the days that I drop by. Killer baking dept. though, and love their healthy takeout. Now if they could combine PO and Amaranth together .... :o)

        2. I don't believe that there have been very many places that have beat the service we have received from the cheese dept. at Blush Lane, on four different locations. Full of information, does nit rush. We are trying to explore the cheese world, but our Janice Beaton experiences (service primarily) were lacking.

          I have been meaning to post about it. So glad to hear that others are enjoying it. The produce beats PO and Community for sure. Amaranth produce is nice but I like that Blush Lane is sourcing from its own farms. Even further assurance of quality and organic I would think.

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          1. re: HBOO

            Blush Lane primarily sources from their own farm but they don't grow absolutely everything - the last time I was there I saw Gull Valley and Hochkiss produce.

            1. re: maplesugar

              Where ever they get it from, I was very pleased with the quality of the produce over the weekend. It looks as though they actually pick their produce, instead of just taking a whole "batch".

              1. re: Chow_Down

                Wow - with all the hype I piled the family into the car and we went to check it out.

                After driving past the seventh pit of hell - a silting pond with a faux concrete shale section - we found Blush Lane huddled in a small strip mall.

                Produce - expensive but not outrageous (same as other organic grocers). Lots of bad stuff though - hard stone fruit nowhere near ripeness. American organic fruit (apples etc). Golden beets were the most exotic vegetable....

                Cheese and Meat: Small selection of some cured/smoked sausages. Strange "paddle packed" chevre. Vast array of orange cheeses in various states. Springbank kid busy texting behind counter.

                To Blush Lanes credit they did have a reasonable stock of unfrozen sunworks chicken. Too bad it was all going nasty and was discounted.

                Rest of the store: Exactly like community natural foods. Or Kensington. Or Amaranth. It is shiny, clean and new but not worth the drive. Can't imagine why anyone would go this distance unless you lived somewhere out there.

                1. re: Gobstopper

                  I live 5 min from Amaranth, which makes it about 35min from Blush Lane to drive there for me.
                  Not necessarily a big shopper at either place, but Blush beats both Amaranth and Community in selection and for sure presentation. But yes, not really a must visit destination.