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Jul 19, 2009 10:16 AM

Restaurants in Bayswater

I'll be in Bayswater, London for two nights at the end of this month with two teenagers. Can anyone suggest any inexpensive places to eat lunch/dinner? During the day we'll be sightseeing but at night I imagine we'll be close to our hotel. Thanks in advance for any information!

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    1. For Chinese try Four Seasons on Queensway
      Singaporean, Malaysian, etc. try Kiasu also on Queensway
      For pizza, Mediterranean try The Oak on Westbourne Park Road
      Good, simple new British try Hereford Road on Hereford Road
      Bodeans on Westbourne Grove does okay barbeque

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      1. re: corgimom

        I'd do Goldmine over Four Seasons if you want Chinese.

        1. re: CTownFeedR

          Thanks for the tip. Will give it a try when I'm there next month.

      2. What's the word on Cous Cous Cafe? Noticed that they serve a hard to find seafood or fish pastilla. Is it any good?

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        1. re: limster

          I've eaten there. It's tiny and cute. The server barely spoke enough English to get our order, but we managed. We had tagine, which was good. I'd say give it a try.

          1. re: corgimom

            Thanks for the info, will try it soon. BTW, do you know how it compares with Original Tagines?

            1. re: limster

              Harlem the Soul Food Cafe on Westbourne Grove is very good (and with loads of masochistic chili sauces to add if you are feeling masochistic. Lucky Seven, Crazy Homies and Tacqueria