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Jul 19, 2009 10:04 AM


While following links from another story, came across this one of interest:
"A trend has taken hold in restaurants in Westchester and Fairfield counties, wagering that “bring your own bottle” policies can overcome reliable beverage incomes while accounting for the loss of alcohol revenue with individual style and customer service.

According to Rick Sampson, CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association, what began as a way for restaurants to remain relevant while waiting for liquor licenses to be approved or after losing one to an infraction, has become a fashionable and timely trend."........

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  1. Just spent a weekend trying out Philly italians... where BYOB is the norm, with NO corkage fees. At first, didn't know about it and was irritated I had to run out to a liquor store for my vino .. but grew to really like it... and the bill.

    The liquor licences in Philly are expensive and limited, so owners, especially Italian restos, revert to BYOB. I don't know if it will ever catch on in the tonier tristate -- but here's a vote for it.

    btw, Philly Italians and the Reading Terminal Market are well worth the trip... and put Arthur Ave to shame. Both Italian American Red Sauce and authentic Italian.Cannoli Epicenter.

    Philly is the East Coast's big secret...

    (despite their obnoxious sports fans.)

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    1. re: louuuuu

      80% of the restaurants in New Jersey are BYOB. Come on over!!

      Licenses are issued on a per capita basis, per municipality, so they are a treasured item, and can cost in the low to mid-6 figures. That's a lotta wine!

      Oh, yes, and Corkage fees are ILLEGAL in New Jersey as well, unless the place has a license.

      1. re: louuuuu

        sorry lou, only place putting Arthur Ave to shame is in Italy; authentic home made delish dishes for years at dominics and many generations of other favs; however, agree ... go yanks!
        seems you found some hidden gems but given that Philly good Italian is a big secret, maybe for good reason, I mean really, it's been hundreds of years....

        1. re: foodlvrzen

          Foodlvrsen, my second fave street in the Bronx after 161st is Arthur Ave. And Domincs deserves its acolades. But Philly Italian, both "red gravy" and authentic Italian in terms of quality and quantity was a real surprise, as well as all else that city has to offer, from its downtown Colonial rowhouses to the countless museums to the Reading Market, etc. Worth the trip .. and just a couple of stops away on Amtrak.