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Jul 19, 2009 09:12 AM

Veloce Pizzeria report - brief

After reading some favorable reports here as well as in Bruni's NYT piece, decided to check out Veloce Pizzeria last night with some friends. Overall, it was only ok, but I am willing to give it one more shot to see if it was just an off night.

Service was friendly, though spotty at times, but fine. Sara Jenkins was ever-present, which was nice.

We ordered two salads and three pies for four of us - more than enough.

The ballaro salad was limp & insipid. Not at all worth it. The arugula salad, of which I only had a bite, was better with a nice Parmesan and was far better dressed with just a little olive oil and lemon.

The three pies: a margherita (Bruni's #2 pie in NYC), a mushroom, and a special with zucchini, gran padano and rosemary, which I did not sample. I thought the crust was very good on both the pies I tried: spongy and crisp at the same time; flakier than a Neapolitan or New York style crust, but still with a nice char on the bottom. But the toppings - tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil on the margherita, and mixed mushrooms, mozzarella, gran padano and thyme on the mushroom pie - didn;t feel like they were in the right proportion to the heavier crust and, with the exception of the mushrooms and gran padano, devoid of much flavor.

I was a bit disappointed after reading such great reviews. I'll give it one more shot, but, at this time, I wouldn't recommend it to a pizza lover except as a change of pace to Neapolitan pies, albeit a pedestrian one.

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  1. i liked but did not love my dinner at Veloca Pizzeria. We ordered one salad and two pies for four people. The arugula salad was fine. The mushroom pie was OK, I felt that the mushrooms did not get carmelized enough and were a little chewy, but appreciated the variety and quality of the toppings. The sausage one was also high quality but something about the toppings just didn't gel for me. And the crust, while tasty and buttery, sat like a rock in my stomach. I felt extremely full and heavy halfway through my 2nd piece of pizza! I might give it another shot but I think I just don't like that style of pie.

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      I really disliked the consistency of the crust on the pie. It just tasted like soggy bread to me, and like dry toast around the edges where there were no toppings. Such a cute place, and a nice wine list, but I wouldn't go back, except maybe to sit at the bar and watch a movie and drink a glass of wine. I agree with you that it is very filling, and not in a good way. The pies aren't large, but there were two of us and we couldn't finish it (and didn't try any salads, etc.)

    2. I went back last night to give it a second shot and liked it much more - still not amazing, but worthy of a night out.

      This time, I split the calamari and a sausage pizza with a friend + two beers for me.

      The calamari was very nice - one of the better versions of "lightly breaded and flash-friend" calamari I've had - and the greens were a nice touch. Worth ordering if you're here, but not worth searching out.

      The sausage pizza was very good, almost excellent. The crust had the same flaky and tender texture as before with light charring on the bottom, perhaps a bit less than my first time. However, I thought the sausage held its own against the substantial crust and really worked well. It was a very good pizza, though not a great one. I can't imagine this ever being my favorite pizza in NY (or even in my top 5), but it was good. I think that I am with kathryn in so much as I simply prefer Neapolitan style pizza better.

      Perhaps only the sausage pizza (of the five on the menu) will have toppings that can rise above the heft of the crust, but I'll give the margherita one more shot.