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Jul 19, 2009 08:36 AM

Wilson Farms - Excellent Fish

Is it a fluke experience that the cod and scallops we have recently tried from Wilson Farm in Lexington have been as good as New Deal and Whole Foods River Street? Definitely far better than Whole Foods Fresh Pond , Woburn (can't rely on them after two return purchases within a month), and Medford (OK but really limited selection).

Truly amazing given the sterile, plastic-wrapped packaging - but just top notch. Has anyone tried the tuna? The expiration dates seems way too far out for everything as well - we just picked the ones the very farthest out.

The prices are among the highest I've seen anywhere, but sometimes the drive to East Cambridge is too far if it's consistently going to be this good. Can other confirm or dispute this fine new source of fish in this area.

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  1. I had some of their scallops when they were experimenting with carrying seafood back in the fall. They were labeled as never-frozen dry scallops and seemed fresh. However, I haven't seen seafood there recently - I didn't realize they were still doing it (and I was just there today). Is it still in the meat section, on the front end? Where is their fresh seafood now?

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    1. re: nfo

      It was on the side of the same meat case instead of the end - closer to the bakery - but that was last weekend, so maybe it's gone now.

      1. re: rlh

        I've seen the seafood there for the past 3 or 4 weeks, today included. Is it me or the prices exorbitant?


        1. re: BJK

          Their seafood prices go beyond exorbitant to price-gouging, IMHO, and this is from someone who will buy at WF and at Courthouse. I was doing a demo out there, and tempted to buy, becasue I was really exhausted, but it seemed priced beyond reason; clearly, they have found the numbers their market will bear.
          NB: I bought plenty of other stuff there...

    2. the whole place is exorbitant!!!

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      1. re: babs12462

        I don't agree - the prices do vary widely, but their locally-grown produce can often be priced at or below the level of Shaws or Stop and Shop and the other conventional produce frequently seems lower than Whole Foods prices for equal or better quality. The bakery is normal price level and most of the dairy is as well (eggs, yogurts, milk, etc.). The meat and seafood is generally really good but also pretty expensive.

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          Wilson Farms' produce, chicken, bakery and eggs prices are extremely reasonable. Where you get into trouble there is when you add the "new" stuff to your cart. The cheese, red meats, grocery items, dairy and prepared foods are luxury priced. They keep adding new items that are not local and/or are from high end purveyors, but are outside my price range.

          1. re: smtucker

            Some years back I might have said the same about Wilson Farm's produce prices but my sense has been that they have been creeping up. The produce prices At Wilson Farms are reasonable compared with Whole Foods but Russo's produce prices are usually significantly lower than Wilson Farms'. The major exception to this rule is the veggies that Wilson Farms grows. Those are nicely priced, often lower than what you would pay at a Farmer's Market for similar freshness.

            1. re: PinchOfSalt

              I lean towards the products Wilson produces themselves and find overall the prices to be quite reasonable. I agree that they aren't quite as affordable as Russo's, but they're better than Whole Foods and more predictable (and available) than what I find at the few farmers markets I have time to frequent. The fish, on the other hand, is outrageously priced. I seem to recall prices in the high $20's per pound on many varieties.


              1. re: BJK

                Have never bought their fish- but buy my produce and eggs there. ( and usually end up with butter, or a cheese and a few scones!). I am not put off by the prices- as I am usually satisfied with the quality, and do not end up throwing anything away. Nothing worse than buying a melon or a piece of fruit, getting it home, and having it taste mealy, or not sweet. A bit OT- but I just got ;back from NC ( outer banks), and the day before we came home, I bought two large bags of NC peaches. I think I have died and gone to heaven! I wanted to make a peach cobbler, but am loving eating them out of hand!

            2. re: smtucker

              My experience, doing the bulk of my food shopping at Wilson Farms, accords with smtucker's. Russo's prices on some produce items are cheaper than Wilson's but I don't think the quality is quite as good. And on many produce items, particularly on stuff they grow themselves, you just are not going to beat the Wilson's price. But yes, I agree that red meat is exorbitant and fish goes beyond exorbitant to outrageous, although it does look very high quality (it should be at those prices).