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Jul 19, 2009 07:48 AM

Miami beach with kids

Any suggestions for good restaurants that we can bring kids to? We are staying in north miami beach for a week at the end of August.

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  1. Do you like greek? Ariston Greek - Mediterrian restaurant is delicious. small and cozy, as long as the kids are old enough 5 and up I would reccommend it.
    here is the address

    940 71st St
    Miami Beach, FL 33141

    We also loved Las Vacas Gordas, it's an argintinan steakhouse. The prices are fair and the food is delicious. Try going on a weekday though. We had great service and no wait but I hear on the weekends it gets busier and the service isn't as good.

    the address is
    933 Normandy Dr
    Miami Beach, FL 33141

    1. A few possible options, depending on what your kids like to eat ->

      Gourmet Diner - around 135th & Biscayne Blvd. French bistro fare for the grownups, pretty standard kids menu too, all in a 40's diner setting.

      Hiro's Yakko San - West Dixie Hwy off 163rd St. Japanese izakaya, we used to get chicken katsu and black pork sausages for the kids and great Japanese tapas for ourselves (then the kids starting getting more adventurous too). Casual atmosphere.

      If you venture somewhat further south, I've made a map of many dining options around the 71st Street area both beach-side and mainland, most of which are casual and kid-friendly ->

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        thanks!! I guess it is called north beach - not north miami beach - your blog will be very helpful!!

        1. re: stephgood

          It's more complicated than that. "North Miami Beach" is a municipality which includes the area roughly a couple miles north and south of NE 163 St., mostly west of US1 to about I-95 (I think). Ironically, North Miami Beach does NOT include the part of that area which is actually on the beachside, which is a different municipality called Sunny Isles Beach.

          "North Beach" is what the northernmost part of Miami Beach (the city) is called, which is south of "North Miami Beach," roughly between NE 63rd St. and NE 88th St., mostly along Collins Ave.

          To help you get your bearings, the main north-south corridors are Collins Ave. along the beach, then moving west, US1, then I-95. As for east-west, it's the causeways - Julia Tuttle Cswy (36th St. mainland / 41st St. beachside), Kennedy Cswy (79th St. mainland / 71st St. beachside), Broad Cswy (125th St. mainland / 96th St. beachside), then 163rd St. Further north is the Aventura area.

          If your kids can handle a more upscale place, Timo in Sunny Isles is also very good. Great food but still decent options for kids (pizzas, pastas).