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Jul 19, 2009 07:15 AM

Park Corner Bistro, Oak Bluffs

After a fun gallery stroll in the Oak Bluffs Arts District (well worth going to if you are a visitor), we meandered into downtown Oak Bluffs with no agenda and ended up at Park Corner Bistro which has totally changed. The inside area is more open and modern, the bar is not as split away from the dining space, and the entire menu is radically different. There are so many small plates and appetizers which start in the $4-$5 range, a big deal for Vineyard diners. We sampled several, including an artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms and fried pickles (a first for me). All were really good....not a bit leftover, but the one most people liked the best was the artichoke dip. The salad we ordered was not as big a hit. Too much heavy dressing. They have an extensive drink menu (I stuck to wine, so can't comment there) and our service was quick and informative. Oak Bluffs was just brimming with energy, street music (jazz and bluegrass), families and dripping ice cream cones, and the Park Corner Bistro is right in the center of it all. We split the bill and each of us paid $25 (2 drinks each) and were really delighted to have experienced such a relaxed and pleasant evening.

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