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Jul 19, 2009 06:26 AM

New Sunnin Cafe

Is the new Sunnin Cafe they're building on the east side of Westwood Blvd. due to open soon? It looks like they took over the old Earth Wind & Flour space. Thanks for any info you have.

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    1. I hope they upgrade their food, while they're at it.

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      1. re: epop

        Wow, thanks JBC! Epop, I thought Sunnin Cafe was a long time Chowhound favorite?

        1. re: Bria Silbert

          It has been debated in previous posts. I think the place isn't worth the stop. Far better should be the new Alcazar outpost on Westwood.

          1. re: epop

            If it's the same owners as the place in LB, they seem to spend most of their time there.

            1. re: mlgb

              Let's hope they like the 405 more than I do.

            2. re: epop

              i am definitely interested in trying the westwood alcazar as soon as it's 'ready.'
              can i rely on you to announce it when it's time?

              1. re: westsidegal

                i drive by somewhat regularly. If that's good enough, yes.

                1. re: epop

                  Where oh where is Alcazar opening? I do like the hummus at Sunnin, but I have to agree with Epop about the rest of the food.

                  1. re: omotosando

                    On Westwood and (was it?) Wellworth (or Ashton?).

                    1. re: bulavinaka

                      Its on the old "Danube" Bulgarian restaurant site next to Papa Johns.

                      1. re: ZoeZ

                        I see from Alcazar's press release, it was supposed to open in May!

                        Soon, I hope.

                    2. re: omotosando

                      Funny, I feel exactly the opposite. Don't love the hummus, but have been pleased with other items, like the shawarma. Regardless, I'm eagerly awaiting the opening of Westwood Alcazar as well. Someone (epop?) called them a while back and said they should open some time this month.