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Jul 19, 2009 05:52 AM

Picking up son from Ft. Knox - in Louisville 8 hours

We'll be in Louisville on Sat 7/25 from 1 to 9pm. My son loves good food - is fairly adventuresome - but hates long waits for table or service and not big on stuffy places. I saw mention of Argentenian place but don't know if it's local and good? Thinking we might have to try a hot brown but we (don't laugh) do try to eat semi-healthy - is it worth going off the wagon?
Are there any food festivals or something like that , that we should try?
Thanks so much for any suggestions

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  1. The Argentenian place is Palermo Viejo and it's freaky good, I suggest it highly, excellent steak and well everything. It is a local place also. the whole area around it have great food also. Bardstown road rocks.

    1. The original hot brown at the Brown hotel is absolutely worth going off the wagon.

      1. Palermo Viejo or a Hot Brown at the Brown are good choices. Other options that come to mind include Basa (modern VIetnamese), Bourbon's Bistro, North End Cafe, Mojito's (modern and traditional tapas), Seviche, Lynn's Paradise Cafe, or 732 Social. All are local and serve good food. Just depends on how much you want to spend and type of food you're into.

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          I would add that I haven't had the hot brown at the Brown, but Lynn's Paradise does an excellent version. Definitely an off-the-wagon dish.