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Jul 19, 2009 12:02 AM

New Crab Place in Lewes/RB area

The Surfing Crab is on Rt 1 (the main road) a couple of miles north of Five Points (where Rt 9 and Rt 1 cross). It's north of all the congestion, where you feel like you are leaving the commercial areas. It's a blue building on the east side of the highway.

My Sussex County relatives suggested we meet there tonight. They got there early to order all-you-can-eat crabs with unlimited sides for $30 each. They said the potato salad and corn were good. I just ordered a 1/2 dozen medium crabs for $20.

The all-you-can-eat is a good deal.The servers were easy-going and quick to bring more crabs and beer (just basic national on-tap choices and bottles). The crabs were heavy and had all the claws. The screened porch and picnic table setup was good; you share tables with others, and the servers are there often to empty the bowls of crab shells and check on you.

While I was there, I saw a local Sussex County State Delegate and his wife order a dozen Jumbo crabs, and several other folks came up and spoke to them. It looks like this is becoming a place that is popular with local folks, even though they know the crabs may not be local.

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  1. Thanks for this. Actually a neighbor just recently said good things about this place too. He said it was better than Lazy Susan's. I was surprised because we have had good experiences always at Lazy Susan's. Recently we had a dozen enormous crabs and a pound of shrimp there for $50. It was more food than the three of us were able to eat and it was outrageously delicious. We will certainly try The Surfing Crab soon though.

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      We arrived at Surfing crab shortly before it closed: good service, and heavy crabs, but they were warm rather than hot, and a bit dry. Also a bit underseasoned IMO. I'd give them a B+, but I'd try them again. I wondeer if our half dozen was left over from a previous steaming? Not the dreaded reheat, but still...

    2. Thanks for the tip, consaacs. We were down at Cape May for a bit of R&R, and were hankering for crabs. We decided to take the ferry across for a quick crab fix.

      We arrived at 4PM, only one other couple was there. We ordered the Crab Feast (all you can eat, 2 hour limit, with sides) and a pitcher of beer. The sides came out, and in about 20 minutes, the first load of crabs hit the table. The waitress was good about timing the re-order so there would be no wait on the second load. She wanted us to go one more round, but we'd had it and packed it in after 2 rounds. Good crab, different sizes (they were out of Jumbo) from large to medium. All heavy with good meat. By the time we left around 6:30PM, the place was packed, every seat full, and there was a line waiting to get seated. Word is getting around.

      1. This is an update to my original post from July, '09.

        I had a great night of eating crabs with a group of five last night, mid-September '10.
        I think this place knows how to serve crabs, and could hold it's own with most restaurants closer to the Bay.

        We ordered two dozen mediums, over the evening, and the server knew how to put the order in. The crabs arrived right on time, with almost all the claws intact, and hot. Not watery or resteamed. Beautiful, tasty fall crabs. This place does it right.

        I know I sound like someone who works for the restaurant, but honest, I'm not.

        We got a basket of french fries to start, and they were ok. Good that they weren't the battered, sweet kind, just basic fresh-fried frozen fries.

        One of us ordered a piece of corn, and said it was good. It arrived wrapped in foil with some butter on the side.

        One of us got a house salad, and it had a nice mix of lettuces with decent side veg slices.

        They had Smith Island Cake on the board but none of us ordered it (we went out to the Dairy Barn Rt 9 for ice cream).

        The servers seem to keep aware of the tables. They move fast, and pay attention. That is important in a crab place, where the buckets need to be emptied and the glasses refilled.

        It was a good night. I like this place.

        Pat i