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top subs hogies grinders in fla

here are my top 3 - please provide yours fla !!!

1. Sonny's Steak Hogies - Hollywood, fl

2. La Sandwicherie SouthBeach, florida


bring it fla...

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  1. In Miami, I like Football Sandwich Shop. They use quality ingredients and the bread is soft and fresh. I'm not a fan of "The Zonker", but really like the Roast Beef, Turkey and Ham.

    1. my three are
      1 Mario's Italian Market
      14530 S. Military Trail, Delray Beach, FL, 33484
      (561) 499-7019 great subs good deal
      2 Pickle Barrel • 133 East Hillsboro Blvd.• Deerfield Beach, FL 33441• Phone: 954-427-0650 • Fax: 954-427-0055 awesome corned beef and pastrami
      3 Pete's wicked good subs 840 Lantana Rd
      Lantana, FL 33462-1509
      (561) 582-4105

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        Pickel Barrel - do they hand cut or machine cut pastrami, is it home made?

        1. re: tpigeon

          I machine cut and I am not sure about home made or not?? I do know i have always gotten a good sandwich there for years

          1. re: pikiliz

            I went there and thought it was pretty good, but really doesn't cut it when compared to katz's or even carnegie deli in ny. I am still looking...really liked the macaroni salad though.

            1. re: tpigeon

              I will say it is better than anywhere I tried in miami though so thanks.

      2. I finally tried Rey del Chivito on Collins and 71st in Miami Beach today mmmm...Chivito seems to mean sub in Uruguay. The King of the Subs! We got the Emperador with the thick tender steak, cheese, egg, lettuce and tomato. I think it came in at $14.90 and would take a very hearty appetite to finish one solo. The subs are serious and very original at this Chivito Emporium. Well worth exploring when in North Beach!

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          Speaking of serious subs... Sub Serious in the Gables is one of my favorite sub shops in Miami. They do a great chicken cheese steak and a good philly too.

        2. Brocato's in Tampa, 50th St. and Columbus just south of I-4. Great meatball, sausage, Italian sub, mojo pork, chicken parm. all on great Cuban bread. The Cubans are good, too, but usally go for one from the list above. the other draws are the best devil crabs i know of, and wonderful picadillo stuffed potatoes. salads are good, too.

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            Not to start bad blood again, but I thought you liked the deviled crabs at Cacciatore & Sons better. Did I miss something?

            1. re: RibDog

              Rosie doesn't mae them and C&S anymore, but they are still good. My only complain about Brocato's is that they are too big.

          2. Hopkin's Eatery in Tallahassee. I highly recommend "The Spin", a warm pressed spinach sandwich with swiss cheese.

            I used to love the Paninoteca on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Their sandwiches were fantastic, and the fresh salads were wonderful, especially the wheat berry salad. The one in South Beach never seemed as good to to me, and I think the one in Coral Gables is closed. Boo.

            1. V&S Deli in Boca Raton. The line is always out the door!

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                The great thing about V & S is that you can get your sub on crusty Italian bread, if you wish, instead of soft, mushy hoagie rolls. To each his own.

                1. re: Alfred G

                  How are there homemade things ( lasagna,sausage and mozzarella ) ??

              2. The Spot (Miami Beach, around 15th & Alton) does a very good fried shrimp po-boy, if you're willing to include that in the category.


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                  If it's served between bread than it belongs here! Glad to hear the Spot got your stamp of approval. I've been wanting to try it since they opened, but it always seems so dead?

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                    Yes! Stopped by the Spot for a quick bite the other nite, and the place was empty. No matter- the po boys are made to order and are delicious. I had the jerk fried shrimp po boy and the chicken tender po boy, both of them were great and very flavorful. The proteins were fried fresh to order and came out real hot and crispy. The po boys aren't too big but they aren't too expensive either so get two.

                2. Manzo's Italian Deli, Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, West Palm Beach

                  1. I think the more common spelling is hoagies.
                    (Not to be pedantic. A mis-spelling like that throws off searches. Submarine and hoagie aren't even listed in the tags for this thread at the moment.)

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                      I think you are correct...wish I knew back when I had a chance to still edit the post's title. Hoagie it is! BTW, did anyone catch Sonny's on Diners, Drive ins and Dives last night?

                      It was my first stop home from the airport yesterday! They have a poster of Guy touting their appearence on his show.

                      If there is a better hoagie out there than Sonny's Famous Steak Hoagies, I want to know about it! I polished off two yesterday (I was technically still on vacation!). And the 4th half went down about an hour or so after...super delish as RR would say.

                      The other seasonal sandwich worth mentioning is Joe's Takeaway. Any of their Fish Sandwiches are phenomenal. South Beach - 15 Oct-15 May annually.

                    2. I second LaSpadas. Their roast beef, extra sweet pepers is perfect!

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                        When I was in high school in Ft. Lauderdale (let's not talk about how many years ago that was) we'd always go to the LaSpada's in Lauderdale by the Sea. Amazing subs! And the roast beef was always my favorite too! :)

                        I was driving in Glades Plaza (Glades Rd & Butts Rd area in Boca) and I see they are opening a location in there. I'm excited about that!

                        1. re: OysterHo

                          That's the best news I've heard all day!!! I live in Boca and I LOVE La Spada's Italian combo...but Lauderdale was always a bit too far to go.
                          V&S is also excellent.

                      2. 1. Delco's in Dunedin for steak hoagies.

                        2. Mazzaro's in St Pete for italian and fish hoagies. Fish only available on Fridays.

                        3. Can't remember the name but, in St. Pete, they are 9th Ave. N just west of the I275 overpass and on the south side of the road. They have the best Cuban pork sub. It is massive and a great price for how much you get.

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                        1. re: RibDog

                          If we are just talking about things between bread, then I have to mention that Wright's Gourmet House in Tampa has an incredible sandwich called the Golden Gate. I can't describe the ingredients better than they do, so:

                          Roast pork, crisp bacon, Jarlsberg cheese, German dill pickle slices, lettuce, our homemade mustard sauce, and topped with our own peach chutney on a double-decker of buttercrust white bread.

                          1. re: CFishman

                            The Golden Gate is one of the best combination's around! Bahama Baby is very good too.

                        2. If you're in the Cocoa Beach area, suggest you try Little Phillies' for a Cheesesteak. He's doing the diced version with onions & your choice of American, Provo or Whiz. The place has little ambience except from the aroma coming off the the griddle.


                          1. Del Presta's in Pompano does a very nice sub. Many cuts of Cappicola among others, they're Italian Special sub works well.

                            Gino's King of Meats in Hollywood sells the two dollar grinders bagged and tagged for take out...niiice! Hit it with some of their cherry pepper mince they sell in the jar and you will take them even higher!

                            Jaguar's Tuna Sandwich off their lunch special menu is sweet! Coconut Grove - MIA.

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                              I am hearing Mattarello's on Washington Ave in South Beach has some good sammies, can anyone confirm? Any speciffic sammy I should try there? I heard the Fiorintino is phenomenal.

                            2. while not a sub/hoagie place, Blue Boy sandwiches in Jacksonville deserves some recognition here. Huge sandwiches on fresh bread.

                              i find it disappointing that so many peoiple are just trying to replicate experiences they've had up north. Good original places like Blue Boy get lost in the nostaligic haze....

                              1. Top Hogies in the Boca Raton Area,

                                1 - V&S Deli on Federal Hwy

                                2 - Da Best Sub's - Dixie Hwy

                                3 - Zios - Delray Beach, Atlantic & Military

                                1. Bigfoot Subs, west of I-95 on Griffin Road in Dania Beach. They have huge subs, sandwiches and gyros. All made fresh. Cash only.


                                  1. Hogan's Heroes in Gainesville- yum!

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                                      1. re: HotMelly

                                        russos is terrible, how can you even write that here?

                                        1. re: chowguy

                                          I never thought much of Russo's either, eventhough the've been around forever. My favorite Italian style subs are from Pasquale's in Tequesta. These are the real deal. An honorable mention goes to Doris' Italian Deli and Bakery in Hollywood.

                                    1. Sarussi's is a small 5ish store chain down here in Dade. They have a different twist on their Cubans. They toast them in a Pizza oven then put a special red sauce on them. The Original is good! The do not press them, they coat the top of the bread with ??? It's a pretty amazing sammie actually. Been here for years and is an institution.

                                      1. The Alibi at the Lost Weekend in South Beach has real Phillys and I'm told good PO Boys. Their Truffle Fries are getting raves too!

                                        1. Mr. Nick's in Ft Lauderdale is fantastic!

                                          1. chowguy.How dare you, If you do not like my choice just post something that you do not care for Russo's, do not try to degrade me and my post. I like Russo's like many thousands do. Me and my other female friends love it. Please be a little kinder when you do not agree with another poster.......(jerk)

                                            1. I've gone to Guido's in Pompano off Cypress/Mcnab about once a week for the last month for the pastrami. They smoke and cut it on site and it's fantastic. Good pricing on most other meats, too.

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                                                I posted some thoughts about La Spada today on my Fort Lauderdale lunch blog
                                                To me, La Spada's subs are good, but what's with the infatuation with this place. Why do people think they are so better then any one of a dozen other sandwich shoppes.
                                                #1 food in Fort Lauderdale in Zagats 2010.....???????? Any thoughts

                                                1. re: danb73

                                                  See my thoughts in the photos below! Every picture tells a story...this is why La Spada's is the BEST...Beware of the MONSTER!

                                              2. I had a tremendous grinder last week from Doris Italian market in Hollywood, along with a very good and fresh Greek Salad . . . highly recommended!

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                                                  Doris' is the bomb! Lover their Daily subs Dujour...

                                                2. The RBCC sandwiche at Bagel Bagel in Tallahassee is my favorite. A toasted roast beef and cream cheese sub served with au jus. My wife prefers the wine & cheese sandwiche from the same place. Turkey, bacon, veggies and a port wine cheese sauce toasted.

                                                  Both are great. Started as a beer and bagel joint about twenty years ago, now has three locations and turns out great snadwiches.

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                                                    hmmm, beer and bagel joint...who'd a thunk? sounds devine.