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Jul 18, 2009 10:13 PM

Dear Canele....

Please get better servers. Your food is so good and I know I'm sacrificing good service for it, but my dining experience would be that much better if you had attentive servers with a memory.

Thank you.

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  1. I've eaten at Canele over a dozen times and have had nothing but stellar service. I think your experience is the exception rather than the rule. :-)

    1. I agree with Rich. Canele is one of my favorite restaurants. I've been there too many times to count and though the service isn't always the fastest, I've never run into the problems you encountered. Please give it another try. It is definitely worth it.

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      1. re: ultraviolet

        I go there all the time. For the food, obviously.

      2. We moved to Atwater 2 years ago and we were so excited to be within walking distance of Canele. But having been there on multiple visits, I have to agree that the food is good but the service is really lacking. Now we mostly order the food to go.

        1. I absolutely LOVE the fish soup on weekends at Canele and every other bite i've tasted of food in there. They even carry a wine that I love and order on every visit. HOWEVER, the service is horrible! The last three times I was there, i wanted to leave b/c of how awful the service was. Funny enough, when we were seated on my last visit, there was still the bill on the table from the last couple who were dining. They left a $3 tip or something really bad like that. When we ordered and asked for water, we never received our water OR attention from the server for the remainder of the night. I had to flag down the hostess while she was walking by and ask her to bring us the water we never got. SERVICE = AWFUL!

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          1. re: Clyde

            Clyde, thank you for using the phrase "funny enough" and not the increasingly ubiquitous and annoying "funnily." Perhaps there is hope for us all yet.

            P.S. Someone should direct the Canele folks to this thread. I imagine it might inspire some action.

          2. I've been three times in two weeks. The only thing I have to report, is a measured pace in receiving the food (it's a small kitchen, I get it!). I have not had any concerns with the wait staff.