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Jul 18, 2009 09:58 PM

Quality interesting food in West Maui at moderate prices?

Does it exist, especially in the Kannapali/Lahaina area? Suggestions welcome. We are here now, and see a plethora of good choices in the 3 or 4 $$$$ arena, including ones that have popped up on this Board--wonder if there are places someone who loves food can go to that maybe $$ or even $, knowing that we will not be at quite the same level as the more expensive ones.. We are traveling with our two teenage kids, who are sophisticated eaters, and when you go to places like Lahaina Grill for 4 people, one can only do that so many times over the course of 10 days and still have money to pay for gas in the rental car.

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  1. You can always go to L&L Hawaiian BBQ....I think there is a CJ Deli & Diner in Kaanapali ...

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      Those sound like they may be a little lower level than I was thinking. For instance, we ate at Hula Grill in Kaanapali tonight which, though not inexpensive, was at least somewhat less expensive than say, Lahaina Grill. I'm looking for another Hula Grill, or perhaps a tad cheaper.

    2. You can try Honokowai Okazuya & Deli, fairly cheap with a ton of food. We typically don't spend a lot of time up in Lahaina/Kaanapali area, but I did enjoy this quite a bit.

      1. A helpfull tip to all visiting not just maui but this applies to las vegas also eat out where the locals eat out, the food will be just as good as other spots for less. If you go to a tourist spot be prepared to pay.
        I grew up in maui as as boy but now reside in las vegas. I have been in Vegas for 15 years and when we travel back to Maui we have 3 teenagers which makes food costs a big factor.
        The Local Foodland is a great place to curve the cost of eating out. I know your probably saying Foodland? Just hear me out. Foodland has out of this world selection in their Deli and seafood section, sushi,fresh Poke',short ribs,musibi's,fresh hawaiian breads. This is where the locals shop so prices are resonable quality is great and quantity is large.
        We load up on many items at foodland stock are hotel fridge or bring to the beach during the day. We select certain night to go as a family. This helps feed three bottomless pits without needing a bailout after our vaction

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        1. re: EricM.

          We will be going to Maui in a couple of weeks, we are staying in the Kaanapali area, I normally shop at the Star Market. Where is Foodland located? I like what you had wrote about all the cook food.


          1. re: nola1421

            Foodland is located across from Hilo Hattie's in Lahaina. Nice store. I have an affinity card from them that i use every year. Very good packaged Huli-Huli chicken ready to go.
            For a change of pace, try out the Honolua General Store at Kapalua. Hot food, great prices, you won't regret it

            1. re: rexster314

              I agree with you, great cook local food at the Kapulua General Store. I will do my shopping next week at Foodland, thank you for the tip.


        2. You may call me crazy but Cool Cats Cafe near the Wharf Cinema is a great spot. Their burgers, fries, and rings are delicious and the pulled pork sandwich is one of the best I have ever had. You can get coupons for free root beer floats (made with Roselani ice cream) at lots of locations around Lahaina. It's a great spot to relax with a beer and watch the traffic on Front Street.

          1. Aloha Big Plate! Have you already visited Maui with your family?

            If so, I hope you found the many great spots on the West Side that are a) affordable, b) tasty, and c) healthy.

            Here are my picks:

            Cilantro Mexican Grill: I can't praise this place enough. The food is fresh, the salsas are spectacular, and the rotisserie chicken is mouthwateringly good. The jicama slaw is good enough to buy a tub for snacking on later. Yum.

            Mala Ocean Tavern: Best view, awesome veggie sides. A tad pricey, but worth it.

            Penne Pasta: Another Mark Ellman wonder. Cheap, satisfying pasta dishes and a decent salad nicoise, plus plenty of people-watching on Dickenson street.

            Ululani's Shave Ice: family-owned shave ice spot--they make their own syrups out of fresh fruits. The lilikoi and mango are unreal!

            I typically avoid chains like the plague, but Jamba Juice recently started selling steel cut oatmeal with blueberries. So healthy--and cheap. They offer a deal where you can get the oatmeal plus a fresh carrot juice for around 5 bucks. It's definitely Lahaina's cheapest healthy breakfast.

            Upper West Side (Ka'anapali, Kapalua, etc.)

            'Aina Cafe at the Honua Kai resort: A deli & cafe supported by Chef James McDonald of PacificO and I'o. Delicious wraps, paninis, and gelato.

            Honolua Store at Kapalua Resort
            Local style plate lunches and gourmet salads, all for decent prices. Served in eco-friendly containers.

            Maui Fish Market: LOVE their chowder. You can buy filets from them to fry at home.

            Happy eating!