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Coming to Atlanta for a long weekend, am I missing anything?

Hey All,

I will be in Atlanta in mid-August to visit some family. Want to get out to eat at some interesting spots while still watching what we spend a bit. I am the biggest foodie in my party and will eat pretty much anything, but I will be with some picky eaters. Here is a short list I comprised so far, I am in Philly and our restaurant scene is pretty awesome. I am not looking for insanely cutting edge food, but I don't want to end up in an Applebees. Here is what I have so far.

Tasty China- Is it THAT good? I could eat Chinese food every day so the pub around this place really got me interested.

Flip- Huge Top Chef fan, love Richard Blais. Will hit this spot up for lunch one day for sure.

Varsity-Am heading to the Braves game and figured to eat here before, how early should I go? What is a must have on the menu?

Holeman and Finch-Trying to convince my fam about this on. Will this satisfy everyone? What are portion sizes like? The prices seemed fair.

Chicken and Waffles- not much explanation here

Is Ann's Snack Shack still opened?

What is the best Meat and Three I can find? Busy Bee? Mary Mac's Tea Room? I had another in mind but I seem to have forgotten to bookmark it. If I track it down, I'll be sure to add it to the thread. Thanks in advance. I just don't want to get home and be kicking myself for not trying a place.

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  1. The other spot I was thinking of is the Watershed. Any good?

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      Watershed is one of my favorites. The vegetable plate is the best I've ever tasted...other selections great, too.

    2. Do you mean Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles? I find it overpriced (who else in Atlanta charges for refills of ice tea??) and the food to be pretty mediocre. You can find better chicken in Atlanta. Try the Colonnade.

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        Thanks for the tip, I did mean Gladys Knights, but will check out the Colonnade.

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          Colonnade is good and a good value. I really like the fried catfish and the pork loin is good also. Sometimes I'll get a veggie plate.

          If you're feeling adventurous, Greenwood's in downtown Roswell (about a 30 minute drive, 20 mi up 400) is worth the trip. I have happy dreams about their fried chicken and homemade pies.

          Neither takes reservations, so be prepared to wait if you go prime time. Not to mention that getting to Roswell during the week might be a PITA. I've had decent luck getting in quickly on Sunday night at either Greenwood's or Swallow at the Hollow (sister BBQ spot across the street).

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            Thanks so much for the rec. of Greenwood's. We are staying in the burbs with family and it isn't too far away. I just wish it had a website. Is it cash only?

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              I think it may be but I don't remember for sure. That said, I'm pretty sure I used a card at Swallow the last time I was there.

              There's also BBQ-1 nearby. There isn't much of anywhere to eat, but it's some of the best Q in ATL.

      2. if you want a stellar coffee, check out Dancing Goats Coffee Bar... really exceptional coffees.

        1. Just came back from ATL on a long weekend. Liked Holeman and Finch, but liked Abattoir much more, plus their menu may be more conducive to the non-foodie. Flip was OK, it was more kitsch than anything else. Tempura fried asparagus was really good as were the shakes. Burgers were interesting. For a spin on meat and three we went to JCT Kitchen for Sunday Supper where each person in the group picks their meat (5 choices from fried chicken to catfish to veal meatloaf) and the group picks three sides. Good for what it is and the space is nice.

          1. I looked up the Colonnade and their prices seem to be a joke. A steak for 1.75??????!!!!

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              I knew that couldn't be right, its a menu from 1950. Fine print gets you every time.

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                That said, 2 sizable pork chops are only $14.

            2. For meat and three, I love Carver's in West Midtown off Marietta St and Longley (?). It is only open weekdays from 11-3, and if you go after 1, the menu will be limited. It isn't special for any real reason except the food - cramped old corner store turned lunch spot with a white board menu and cafeteria line. They give you about 5 pounds of food for $8 - cash only. However, it's close to downtown and super easy to get to from CNN/Aquarium area. If you like craft beer, check out Hops City on the way, in the Brickworks development.

              1. We visited Atlanta late last year and had one of the best meals we have ever had at Repast. Highly recommended.

                1. Re: Ann's Snack Bar
                  See my earlier post today. Not a place for a large group. I saw 5 guys who came together before opening at 11:30 AM, but they were not the first eight. Four finally got in together after giving up their place in line several times. The fifth got in a little later. Then they all hung out in there until the last finished. I was surprised Ann didn't kick some of them out.
                  Yelp has a 7/18/09 post so it may still be open. It may be awhile until someone pays her price for the business or she gives up and closes.

                  1. Holeman & Finch IS worth the trip but mainly serve small plates, for a broader range of tastes by the same chef, try Restaurant Eugene next door (his Sunday dinner is really good). I'd skip Tasty China and hit Cafe 101 on Buford Hwy (just inside tI-285) authentic
                    Szechuan food and silly-cheap prices. Also, I posted a link in another reply for a local food writer, and so here's the same link for you! Happy hunting!


                    1. Tasty China - It has changed main chefs several times since the original praise-garnering chef. I would say still good but okay to skip.

                      Flip - Nothing wrong with it. Fairly new though and not sure if it's here to stay.

                      Varsity - Most locals don't actually eat here. 99% of foodies think the food sucks. Skip.

                      H&F - Good choice, but not for everyone. See menu. One of top places in Atlanta now.

                      Ann's - Food's okay. It's gimmicky because the experience is emphasized. I would say skip. Only worth it if you want to tell people a story about how you had to wait for hours in a seedy area to get in and then wait for an hour watching the only cook (old lady) make burger in front of you. I seriously thought the fame had little to do with the food.

                      For chicken, meat/3, and those sort of southern stuff just about any reputable place will do. Visitors always want to go to this kind of place, but I don't think any of them belongs to what you would call "food destinations" in this city.

                      What I like to recommend to visitors, some of which might be surprising, are: try a Korean restaurant in the suburb Duluth because it's the premier Korean American community in the US now. Try one of the gastro-beer pubs (The Porter, Brick Store [and adjacent Leon], 5 Season, or Bookhouse). Visit the store located on Bacchanalia's premise (Star Provision) and probably get some to-go bites; similarly, give Alon Bakery a quick browse. There's (surprise) an exciting new izakaya opened up recently too called Shoya.

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                        Do you have particular favorites for Korean food?

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                          In order I'd say:
                          Chosun OK, 5865 Buford Hwy NE (home style)
                          Han Il Kwan, 5458 Buford Hwy (a little fancier)
                          Or, if you're on the North (I-85) side of things:
                          Honey Pig, 3473 Old Norcross Road, Duluth, 30096 (I reccomend fasting before you go...oy!)
                          Book Chang Dong Tofu House, 2550 Pleasant Hill Road (save room for dessert, you'll want to walk up a couple of doors to White Windmill Bakery)

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                            The places Raven333 listed are good, plus I would also recommend:
                            So Kong Dong: tofu bowls
                            Abaee: noodles and soups
                            Cho Dang: a bit of everything like Cho Sun Ok

                            Two places I haven't been to yet but hearing good things about are:
                            Jang Su Jang
                            Myun Ga Won (24 hours)
                            Both of the above are located in Duluth, as are Honey Pig and Book Chang Dong.

                            If you enjoy visiting markets, I also recommend checking out the Super H Mart while you are in Duluth.

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                              Oooh, I'd forgotten about So Kong Dong! Road trip!

                        2. Just got home from ATL and thanks for all the great recs. Esp. about Greenwood's. It was exactly the kind of experience we were looking for and we loved it. Great food, great people. On our way out (near 11) we ran into Bill Greenwood and he invited us over to the Swallow at the Hollow to check out some of the music. That was awesome too. I want to go back just for Greenwood's. And I wouldn't have known about it unless I came on here,thanks.

                          1. Are you still doing BBQ?????

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                            1. Instead of the Varsity en route to the Braves game, go to Antico Pasta on Hemphill (about a block of 14th) west of the Downtown Connector. Flip is good, but sometimes you can leave still feeling hungry. I love Ecco on 6th off Peachtree for tapas. I agree Carver's is a hoot and good eats and in the middle of nowhere. So many great restaurants of all shapes and sizes, and so little time.

                              40 7th Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306

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                                Just a friendly reminder
                                always check the date
                                you're about one year too late

                                Don't know why Kathi resurrected this thread from '09