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Jul 18, 2009 06:13 PM

Pairing wine with yakiniku.

Hi all,

We're having dinner at a nice yakiniku restaurant in Japan; I want to bring a nice wine, as the ones on the menu [while great!] are overpriced. Any suggestions for what would make a great pairing? Pinot Noir? Cabernet?


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  1. Beef and offal, grilled and dipped in soy-based sauce all point to Pinot Noir. The smokiness from charcoal suggests some oak in the wine. The sweetness from the mirin and added sugar argue for a fruit-forward wine. The saltiness can call for a thirst-slaker. Ergo, a vibrant, medium-bodied, barrel-aged New World Pinot. New Zealand and cooler regions of California and Australia do this style very well.