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Jul 18, 2009 05:26 PM

who would you consider to be the best pastry chef in toronto?

i'm dying to try joanne yolles' (scaramouche) coconut cream pie.

so far i am not impressed with canoe's dessert menu. they were just average, in my opinion.

how about you? pastry chefs you love? hate? what was the best dessert you've had in toronto?

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  1. I'm not sure who does the pastry at Gallery Grill, but the desserts are always great. Suzanne Baby is the chef, so it may be her. The desserts are consistently good and rank among the nicest I've had in Toronto.

    1. i've actually never heard of Gallery Grill. maybe i should check it out sometime? what else is good on their menu?

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        Madeline Sperry, owner of Flaky Tart. It's not fancy desserts, but simple things done incredibly well.

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          You'll have to wait until the fall to try anything, as they close for the summer (they are housed at Hart House on the U of T campus).

          Here's a link to their website. It's one of my favourite restaurants, although they only do lunch/brunch.

          Gallery Grill
          7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

        2. Scaramouche's coconut cream pie doesn't impress me much. It deserves the title of most overrated dessert in Toronto.

          I've enjoyed an apple and quince tarte tatin at Forte (no longer on their menu).

          The desserts at the first version of Thuet were delicious and beautiful. I liked their profiteroles and omelette norvegienne aka baked alaska. I haven't been to Conviction- the most recent venture in the Thuet space, and I'm guessing that given the lower price point, the desserts might not be as impressive.

          Surprisingly, my favourite dish at Beer Bistro is their dessert sampler. I don't think it's worth going out of your way to dine at Beer Bistro, but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, I'd recommend their sampler.

          I've been meaning to try the desserts at Amuse Bouche. They offer a 3, 5 and 7 course dessert tasting menu:

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            The dessert tasting menu at Amuse Bouche is a joke. Half-bite sizes and the taste is nothing special. Not worth the price, plus service comes with attitude.

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              good to know, blue bike, I'll scratch it off my list.

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                This was also my experience. Its not a tasting menu but a tasting plate. For the price I thought it would be courses, instead for $40 you get 7 small pieces. You're better off going to Soma and getting 20 truffles.

            2. I have to disagree with Phoenikia; I LOVE the coconut cream pie at Scaramouche. I get it every year for my birthday. However, one pie does not make the best pastry chef in the city. There used to be a pastry chef at a cafe on Avenue Road called Bakersman. That guy was amazing! But I lost track of him after he sold the place... Anyone know what happened to him?


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                More for you;)
                I wanted to like it, but it wasn't to my taste. Maybe I just don't like coconut cream pie.

              2. Don't know who the pastry chef is/was, but at Sen5es, the banana cream tart with chocolate ice cream caused the following reaction the first time I had it :
                - tears in my eyes
                - not able to speak (my date thought something was wrong)
                I eat (and make) a lot of desserts, but this has been the top in my books ever since I had it for the first time about 7 years ago. No idea if they still have it or if it's still as good as we haven't been out to eat at a "grown up" place in far too long (we have 3 kids under 3!).
                Looking forward to reading more postings about people's favourite desserts. Would love to hear about good bakeries, too.
                Oh, almost forgot to mention the Valrhona brownies at Avalon (sorely missed).

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                  Robert Gonzalves former party chef from zoom, rain, luce and now ame. Absolutely the best in the city.