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Jul 18, 2009 05:03 PM

Praline's Ice Cream, CT

I'm only aware of these places in central CT; others may know how extensive their coverage is. In any case, here's what I had today: a medium-size waffle bowl (very sturdy and crisp to the nth degree) with Coffee Oreo ice cream and hot fudge. The first bite was sheer heaven!! Fun to break off bits of the bowl and use as scoops for the ice cream and fudge. They must have 20-30 flavors that run the gamut. Also today's specials were blueberry and peach. It's all home (own-) made and the quality is high. Don't hesitate!

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  1. My son's favorite is Reeses Nightmare. If you go to the one in Plainville, they also have small ice cream cakes for dogs. Also reasonable prices.

    1. Hello. I'm glad someone mentioned this AWESOME place on c-hound. We visit the Plainville location a couple of times a summer when we're usually having a 'houndish day by eating chili dogs at Saints or dirt wings at J. Tims. There are so many things about Pralines that are fantastic. First off they have the goods. Everything is spot on from the ice cream flavors to the options they offer (lots of soft serve, hard ice cream, suggestions for sundaes, etc.). But I think the BEST thing about Pralines is, it's pretty cheap when compared to my local Ben & Jerry's (in West Hartford Center). A few weeks ago three of us went to Pralines and my dining companions each got MASSIVE 5 scoop banana splits and I got a small cone and offered to pay for all of us. It was $14. That same weekend we three hit the Ben & Jerry's in WH center and we all got small cones this was $12! Seriously? Well I do think B&J charges way too much but thank goodness Pralines is around to satisfy my ice cream hungry friends.

      They also have custom made ice cream pies (and cakes too).

      1. I noticed only the Plainville store is mentioned here but I go to the Wallingford or Southington stores. My favorite flavor right now is the special 25th anniversary flavor ~ Bubble Gum!! I was told only the Wallingford store has it and it's only for a limited time. While I was there last Saturday I noticed a birthday party going on in their party room. The kids looked like they were having tons of fun! For some GREAT ice cream with fab toppings visit Praline's soon!