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Jul 18, 2009 04:30 PM

Foodie Walking Tour Seattle

I hear there is a foodie walking tour around Seattle called "Savor Seattle Food Tour". Has anyone been on it? What are your comments ? Worth it ?? Any other ones you can recommend ?? Thanks for your help !!

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  1. I enjoyed it when I went on it. There is a decent amount of walking but not overwhelming and you get tastes of a lot of really good food along the way. Do you have specific questions?

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      Just would like to know if its worth the $$$ or if there is another tour more worthwhile. Sounds like you enjoyed it! I don't mind the walking part unless its pouring....just wanted to know if anyone has been on it, and if so could tell me their thoughts on it. I was very peeved when I was told that there was no refund 3 months in advance when we had to change our plans to another month......not great customer service in these ages......I don't see where it says that....anyway just venting.....looks like we will be going on way or another. Thanks and let me know if you have heard of a better one !!

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        some community centers offer market tours with a culinary and historical focus - call monica wort (206)615-0227

    2. I did the Gourmet Food tour when I was visiting and really enjoyed it. It was expensive, but I left full and with a lot of information. Now that I'm living here I'm not sure I'd do another one (unless with a visitor!) but it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

      1. I'm heading back to Seattle for my first visit in about 3 years. I did the Market Heritage walking tour with the Market Foundation, not a commercial tour group. I really enjoyed learning about the people who live, get medical, day care etc. in the market everyday. I didn't miss getting food samples because it helped me plan my own shopping/dining later.

        The Foundation's tour is $10 and can be booked through their website:

        Looks like the Foundation had a special Chef led tour ($$$) last week.

        OTOH, Is there any real difference between the Savour Seattle commerical tours?

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          On my tour we spent some time in the market, but also visited quite a few places downtown. I haven't done any of their market tours so am not sure what kind of overlap there is.