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Jul 18, 2009 03:55 PM

Lunch at Indonesian consulate

I have a friend going up the Indonesia consulate for a visa, and I told her to make sure to have lunch at the cafeteria, which, at least last time I visited in 2001, had a great lunch in their cafeteria. Does anyone know if that is still happening, and what if anything is required to go in? Hard to find a good Indonesian restaurant in this town, so I hope it's still available to outsiders.

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  1. fwiw....not hard at all to find A++ indonesian restaurants in nyc. upi jaya in elmhurst is awesome, there are a couple other places near whitney ave .... and once a month or so (including tomorrow) there is a great fair at a mosque in astoria (31 ave @ 48 st) with scads of chow

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      Do you know the hours of the fair? Is it the same fair that happened on May 31? I was dying to go but had other plans...

      1. re: hungrycomposer

        should be 10am to 5pm. heading there also; and, in concert, we should start a new thread to review it properly (and "bump" it in the boards).

        and a thread here (with some chatter about consulate catering, etc.