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Jul 18, 2009 03:08 PM

Wong's Noodle House in Mineola

has anyone tried this new place? i think it is somehow affiliated with wong's noodle town in plainview but am not sure. can anyone shed some light?

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  1. The owners of Wong's Noodle Town in Plainview sold that take out place over a year ago. They just opened Wong's Noodle House in Mineola.
    Since I became a fan of the Plainview location after the glaring improvement over the prior joint, I had to try their new restaurant in Mineola. I am happy to report that the quality and service were top shelf. For anyone that is fussy about their Chinese food and can tell the difference between low end basic American/NY Chinese food vs. more authentic tasting and better quality ingredients, I suggest you try this place.
    Not a large place but the attention to details in the food blow away the Jani chain a few blocks away or any other Chinese restaurant I am aware of within a 5 mile radius. I highly recommend this new place.

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      I have eaten there & also had it delivered. I personally think that Chinatown Chef, the place that was there before, was better.

    2. We got take out there right after it was reviewed. Didn't think it was anything to go out of the way for.