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Jul 18, 2009 02:55 PM

good deals for kitchen stuff

Visiting NYC soon. I love going to the Strand for good deals on books, but I don't know where to go for kitchen supplies. Any suggestions? I am looking for authentic paella pans in different sizes and maybe a small Le Crueset dutch oven. ABSOLUTELY NO WILLIAMS-SONOMA. Thanks.

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  1. What about the kitchen supply stores on Bowery? Some pro-oriented shops are there...

    I would also look into JB Prince.

    Here's a related discussion as to where hounds buy their supplies:

    1. For specific, brand-name items such as Le Creuset, Zabar's and Broadway Panhandler are where I would go, especially if your time is limited. If you care less about brands but want high-quality professional stuff, many choices in Kathryn's threads.

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        If you want one-stop, decent prices, and helpful staff, I think Zabar's is your best bet. There may be pro shops downtown that are even cheaper but Zabar's has just about everything and is a pleasant and efficient place to shop if you don't feel like devoting a day to it. You can call to check but I'd be surprised if they don't carry paella pans.

        1. re: City Kid

          I'm always impressed by the helpfulness of the staff at Zabar.

      2. Thank you both for excellent tips. If you were shopping for a paella pan, where would you go? Maybe I should start a new thread with that specification. Again, many thanks.

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        1. re: Guten Appetit

          Try Bowery Kitchen Supplies located in the Chelsea Market (460 W. 16th St.) They carry a number of authentic and inexpensive paella pans in different sizes.

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            They also have paella pans (and cazuelas) at Despana on Broome Street, but I don't know what the prices are like.

          2. re: Guten Appetit

            Did you find your paella pan; I am curious. I am also on the hunt for the dubuyer french steel crepe pans.

          3. I am looking for some good deals on kitchen items too if we go and I would check online first before you go.
            Broadway Panhandler


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              Good idea but a caveat: Zabar's site is kind of clunky. Very hard to find specific items, which they may well have in the store, so it is best to call and check.