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Jul 18, 2009 01:53 PM

Lobster Roll Without Mayo in Boston area?

Love Abbotts in noank and Lenny and joes fishtale in a pinch. Hot buttered lobster rolls without mayo. Can't find the same in Boston. Can anyone help? Would prefer a casual place. Thank you.

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  1. Neptune Oyster in the North End does both the New England coastal style (cold with mayo) and the CT style (hot with butter). Good-sized roll, not cheap, excellent fries, just wish they didn't use a charred brioche roll for them.

    1. This is also my lobster roll requirement- the lobster roll I grew up with.

      Here are my sources in and slightly out of town.

      Neptune Oyster- North End

      Belle Isle in East Boston

      Jake's in Hull does one if you want a day by the bay.

      Evelyn's drive in in Tiverton, RI

      Bubulas in Provincetown- not quite the same thing and very dependent on the cook who prepared it.


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        Penny - thank you for so many recommendations. Every time I ask if they have lobster rolls without mayo - most places up here look at me line I am from New York (which I am). Thanks again!

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          I'm from RI and spent a lot of time in my youth down in the Southern part of the state. Down there we listened to NYC radio! At the beach club, were I spent my pre-summer job years, you would have to ask for mayo if you wanted it on your lobster roll. Alas, things have changed even down there and places like that have gone over to the dark side and serve lobster salad rolls.


      2. I believe Bob's Lobster on Plum Island, Newburyport does them without mayo. At least the one I had there a couple weeks ago had no mayo.