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Jul 18, 2009 12:49 PM

Roux Barb - Knoxville Eats

Despite the clever name Roux Barb can proudly boast it is THE place to eat in Knoxville when you are tired of pig burgers and chain restaurants. YEEEss, it's pricey but anything would be after eating at P.F Changs and Bravo. For the money you will get thoughtful, beautiful masterly crafted food. The name Roux Barb sums it up: high/low country Southern Food. Try cheese biscuits and watermellon chutney...and the watermellon was as vibrantly colorful as if it had just been cracked opn on the picnic table. The food is seasonable (blackberries and goat cheese salad) so the menu changes with the solstice (not East Tennessee weather...) Tucked next to the traintracks on North Shore and Kingston Pike, it's tiny and there's a smoke house in the back, reservations are strongly recommended. Yay!

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  1. I had lunch there about a year ago and other than the home made potato chips, the food was truly bad. Are you saying the chef has his act together and it is now worth a return visit?

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      I'm with you. We had dinner there a couple of weeks ago. The vibe was right. The atmosphere was right. The place was packed. And the food, the food was awful. Maybe we ordered badly. I can't remember one thing we had but one of the appetizers was burned. And the beets in the beet salad were raw. We gave up trying to figure out why everyone looked like they were enjoying their meal. Pretentious and pricey, too. Certainly not as good as they think they are.

    2. Rouxbarbs is our favorite restaurant in Knoxville. The black-eyed pea hummus is a tasty appetizer. The chicken livers and cheese grits are my favorite. Everything is very fresh. And the hostess is the best! K

      1. I just noticed a billboard sign on Northshore.... Big letters.... BRUCE IS ON THE MOVE..... followed by RouxbarbQ! Anyone know more into on a new venture? My last visit I had the Duck Club...out of this world!!

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          Bruce Bogartz is no longer associated with RouxBarbeque. They've been open for a little over a month and he and his partner decided to separate regarding this venture.

          Down the street from Rouxbarbeque is Pup's Pit BBQ. 7660 South Northshore Dr. 531-4540.

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            When I was there a week or two ago, Bogartz was telling diners that he was starting up a BBQ lunch menu soon, emphasizing that it was distinct from Rouxbarbeque. I have no idea whether that materialized. I like Rouxbarb, but I really didn't like the Rouxbarbeque entrees when I went (meat was very tough both times). However, as a place to have a beer on the porch (in cooler weather) it's perfectly fine.

            There was a dish at Rouxbarb called Duck Two Ways that was just to die for. I think it's off the menu for the summer, but the minute it's back on I will be in there.

        2. I heard but cannot confirm that he is moving to the space on Kingston Pike that was vacated when Bistro By The Tracks moved to its new location.