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Jul 18, 2009 12:21 PM

In Soho for one dining options?

We are staying at 60 Thompson now. Are there any great walking restaurants in the area? Great food is a must, and either alfresco, or pretty (not too minimalist) dining space is also impt. we'd prefer: Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc. If we have to take a short cab for some great upscale (but casual) dining, we will! Last time, we had a great meal at babbo.
thanks for the help!

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  1. for Italian, i'd say Dell'anima or L'artusi - both are a quick cab ride and are fabulous. For Japanese in soho - there's blue ribbon sushi, bond street and omen.

    Have a great night!

    1. Truly excellent sushi at Ushi Wakamaru on Houston, an easy walk from 60 Thompson. Better than Blue Ribbon in my opinion, but not as much of a fine dining experience.

      Best Thai in the area is Rhong Tiam on LaGuardia Place, not to far from Ushi Wakamaru, but, in my opinion, not a place to specially seek out.

      No good Vietnamese places nearby. Mekong is (close but) average.

      Italian: plenty of options. Babbo is my fave; Lupa as very good. Il Mulino is one of a kind and worthy of a visit. Otherwise, Aurora is ok, not great. Could take a taxi to Scarpetta or dell'anima.

      Also, Bar Artisinal is nearby as is Minetta Tavern. Both 'pretty' as requested.

      1. Is it too late?
        You don't have to take a cab (Dell'Anima? Ugh.) from 60 Thompson to find great Italian food.
        Aurora (Piemontese chef, 50 paces from your hotel) and Pepolino (Florentine chef, 100 paces) both have outstanding food. Barolo (don't know, 20 paces) is a pretty restaurant for sure with very good food.

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          Any particular dishes you like at Barolo? I've not been for years (and thought the food was ok), and recent reports seem to indicate that it's a lovely place, but so so food. Thanks.