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Jul 18, 2009 12:06 PM

Potentially silly question about o ya

I have a reservation here next week. I've never been too adept with chopsticks, and I'm a bit concerned I might embarrass myself trying to use them there. I know some argue for using your hands when eating sushi, would this be acceptable there? Also, it looks like there a lot of cooked dishes that would require a knife and fork, which makes me think that maybe they accommodate for this sort of thing.

Also, having read through threads on here, I'm incredibly excited to eat there!

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  1. O-Ya is multidenominational, diners of all persuasions (hands, chopsticks, knife and fork) are accepted there (usually people are too busy admiring the food on their plates to notice how neighbors eat their meal)...i only wish they offered more sakes by the glass (they have very few)

    1. If you're not comfortable with chopsticks, ask for Western utensils with which to eat the sashimi and cooked and sauce-y courses. It's perfectly polite to pick up and eat nigiri (the ones where the seafood or potato chip or whatever sits atop a pad of rice) with your hands; this is why you're often offered a hot moist towel at the beginning of the meal in many Japanese restaurants.

      1. Oh, don't feel silly! First, as the other posters wrote, O Ya is a very relaxed place and just eat as you feel most comfortable. Second, the food is some of the more memorable I had had-you should be excited! Finally, if you want to learn to use chopsticks, they make chopstick holders that are meant for children to learn to use chopsticks. But, they are very good for adults who struggle! I bought some at the store at the RISD Museum of of Art in Providence, but I am sure they have them at other places.