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Jul 18, 2009 11:46 AM

Organic To Go (Bethesda) is GREAT!

Across from Sweet Green (which I also like) is IMO an even better salad place called Organic To Go. It has only been there for about 2 weeks and they are having some minor kinks (running out of ingredients, cash register not working, pizza chef walking out in a huff ) BUT they could not be nicer and eager to please- For example, when they ran out of beets for my freshly prepared salad, at my request, they opened a pre-packaged salad to use those beets, and when my calzone was slow to arrive they gave me a complimentary cupcake. My recommendations so far are the Lyon salad (arugula, blue cheese, walnuts, almonds, beets, thinly sliced green apples- and I have them add delicious strips of chicken.) The calzone (perfect size) w/ fontina cheese, tons of portobello mushrooms, spinach replaced because they were out of potatoes w/ dipping sauce (marinara or pesto) was excellent. The dough was thin and crispy. What I like better about the salads at this place is they prepare the ingredients in front of you- For example, slice the apples when ordered as opposed to having apples sitting there waiting for you to order.
I cannot wait for Georgetown Cupcake to move in next door in the Fall!

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  1. I've been eating there at least twice a week lately, driving out of my way to get there. I like it THAT much! I get the salad with hot peppers (they're more pickled than hot), goat cheese, walnuts, tofu squares, black truffle salad dressing - I ask for 1/2 the amount they normally use which is too much, carmelized onions, and edamame beans. All for $6? They're not making much money off of me! It's enough food for 2 people, the salads are so big.

    Today they were giving out free cookies with every order (I got the snickerdoodle which was hard, not soft, and not worth the calories at all). They also had free samples of their cherry gazpacho - again, not the best I'm afraid). I mentioned that I'm thinking of coming back in the evening on Saturday with my wife and another couple but I heard from a friend that the pizza's weren't that great, or as good as Nest Cafe down the street. They offered to give me a free 12" one to try. I was shocked. I said I couldn't accept that and was full anyway. They said, no problem, it'll be out in 5 minutes. It was, and my friend and I ate every last bite even though we were stuffed. Pretty decent pizza. Very different than what I'm used to. I highly recommend them for salad. I've walked into simple green, right across the street many times but the toppings are so much better at Organic to Go (Bethesda) that I never end up eating there. I have eaten their yogurt though with raspberries, mango, and walnuts. That was pretty good but I thought a bit pricey compared to Yogiberry. $4 for a small cup. Yogiberry is less than $3 I think, but that doesn't have toppings so I guess the $4 isn't that bad a deal after all.

    I can't wait to try Georgetown Cupcake's ganache cake when they open. Never had one. At their prices, I'm sure I'll only try it once! And, I'm sure lines will be ridiculously out the door like I see in G'town when I drive by.

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      Went back for the pizza (Margerhita) and really liked it. I agree that the red cherry gazpazho (I tried a sample) was not good and the desserts do not look worth the calories. But for AMAZING salads and really good calzones/pizza this is the place to go! Stever, I will have to try your salad-it sounds great. I am so stuck on the one I always get (Lyon w/ chicken) because it is THAT good!