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Jul 18, 2009 11:05 AM

Best food near Carson, CA (Home Depot Center)

Going to Home Depot Center, any recommendations nearby to eat and have drinks before the concert?

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  1. I'm doing the same search right now - all I've come up with is Bludso's bbq in compton. It's takeout only and no drinks so probably doesn't fit the bill. Will post more if I find anything.

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      I know, it is pretty bleak near there. There's a Tony Roma's nearby, but rethinking and going to likely each on the way down to the area, maybe Redondo or Manhattan Beach instead. If you want to eat first before 6pm w/o drinks maybe Bodacious Q and then just go somewhere for cocktails nearby? argh.

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        In Redondo, Izakaya Bincho, Chez Millange, Redondo Beach Brewing Co, Zazou, Bull Pen (good burgers), Kincaids.

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          Thanks so much. How about Mahattan Beach, any suggestions there?

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          I ended up going to Ramen California in Torrance. Based off of rameniac and others strong recommendations I decided to drive a little bit out of the way and go here.

          I ordered the rosemary bread, oysters, halibut carpaccio, Parmesan tofu, masala ramen and parmesan tofu ramen. The only dish I wish I did not order was the side of Parmesan tofu, since we had this in the ramen it was a bit of overkill.

          The rosemary bread was great, so good that we placed an order to go (which came directly out of the oven) and ended up eating two pieces while in the car rather than saving them for breakfast (the plan was to eat them with soft scrambled eggs).

          The oysters came with some peeled cherry tomatoes. The oysters were nice and creamy and briny and the combination with the sweet tomatoes was great.

          The halibut carpaccio was very good. It came dressed with some olive oil and black salt on a bed of greens. The black salt provided a nice crunch when chewing with just the right amount of salinity.

          On to the ramen, both of the ramens were good with perfectly cooked variety of vegatables in each. We added chicken to both, my only complaint with the ramen is that I wish the chicken was cut into slightly smaller pieces. Of the two, the masala ramen was my favorite.

          Total was $60 (including tax + tip) for the meal plus two beers for 2 people. I really enjoyed the meal, I just wish they would have a better beer selection. Miller, bud and Heineken do not a beer selection make.

        3. When I used to work in that area, we held office luncheons and after work social functions at the Holiday Inn on Vermont Ave. south of 190th. The food was good and they also serve mixed drinks.

          1. Plenty of options until you mentioned 'drinks'.
            I suggest finding a place along Artesia Blvd west of the I-110 in Gardena - many restos and close to HDC.
            Per their website El Recoto (Peruvian) has wine, don't know about other bevs.
            FYI 'tailgating' is prohibited at HDC :-(:

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              And they have kicked out all of the TJ hot dog vendors which used to mob the parking Lots after games


              Paradise has a bar. I don't drink so I can't vouch. Their food is mediocre at best but it's near the Home Depot Center-west about 2-3 miles in Gardena. The Depot is a little bit farther west in Old Torrance.

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                The Depot is pretty upscale but nice. Chef Mike Shafer does quite well there. It's located on Torrance and Arlington in old town Torrance. He also has an excellent wine list.

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                  If you go across the street from The Depot, you'll run into Mike Shafer's newest restaurant The Buffalo Firehouse which serves gourmet burgers, wings and such. Also, they serve beer and wine...i'm not 100% sure about mixed drinks. The burgers are filling and range from something close to a cheeseburger all the way to burgers with foie gras. Worth checking out.