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Jul 18, 2009 10:37 AM

Chowhound trip to DeLorenzos/July 23

For those who wish to go, please sign up with my email, on my info page and let me know where you live and if you have a car.

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  1. Save yourself some time as Delorenzo's has become mediocre. The Hudson Street location is okay. His son's place in Robbinsville is mediocre. Something about the cheese just hits me as lacking in flavor. I absolutely hate the fact that if you ask for grated cheese for your pizza they point to the menu and proclaim "we don't serve grated cheese". REALLY? Well I don't care how great you think your pizza is........I like grated cheese on mine. I went to Morimoto and gee, they still gave me wasabi and soy sauce when my sushi order came. Too arrogant for me and another has better pizza.
    Go just over the border to PA on Rt. 1 and it sits on Pennsylvania Ave, looks like an old Pizza Hut. It's called La Villa. Their Chambersburg pie is to die for, they have bathrooms, and they serve grated cheese if you ask for it.

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      Thanks for the heads up. Some of us are going on Thursday, l will bring my own grated cheese to play safe. Last night went to Pizzeria Veloce in Manhattan, very, very nice people, pizza came out very hot, but did not blow me away, but really liked the place. Will report back on my view to see if matches yours, damn l hope not.

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        They have a bathroom at DeLorenzo's. You just have to ask. It is very clean and you get a mini tour of the tidy kitchen. They are very nice about it too. I haven't been since last fall. We skipped out on a wedding luncheon to go there and had to quick duck behind a menu because other wedding guests had the same awesome idea. Thank goodness they got their pies to go or we would have surely been busted. We went on a saturday in the middle of the afternoon and an older gentleman in a suit greeted and seated us. The waiters still wear the same kind of ties, and the custom is to walk up to the register and pay the check rather than the waiters taking it up for you. Why not visit the nearby Italian People's bakery for rolls, perhaps some cold roast pork from the deli or profuirio's frozen manicotti or ravioli for later? If you have room there are sure to be some mom and pop places open selling italian water ice. I wish I could come with you. I used to live in Doylestown and once my boyfriend and I went to DeLorenzo's for lunch and bought a to go pie for dinner. We made it as far as Washington Crossing before we devoured it out of pure greed. Have fun!

      2. Went last night to the one in Robbinsville,Rainy night, place was packed, 35 minute wait, very orderly. Staff and all were very, very friendly. Place clean and bright. BYOB is accepted and encouraged, almost everyone had bottles of whatever.Ordered a large white clam and a large red with multiple toppings. Pies came together, and were blistering hot, clam pie was chopped clams, unlike New England with whole clams freshly shucked, pie was underseasoned but all in all an excellent pie; red had toppings very sparsely scattered around the pie, tomato was more chunky with tomato water than an actual sauce and this worked for me very well. The major reason it will not be in my top five is the crust, not quite 'saltine' crust but crackery, unlike New Haven or others. Better than almost every NY pie for me, and had gone to Pizzeria Veloce in Manhattan on Monday.