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Jul 18, 2009 10:06 AM

Good wine retailers near KoP, PA

I am not sure whether this is the correct forum to ask about wine retailers near KoP, PA. I don't understand PA wine reselling law. If anyone can recommend some retailers other than wines & spririt or of any wine tasting events that happen around here; it will be much appreciated.


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  1. PA law states liquor/wine can only be bought in a 'state store'. Beer can be bought at a beer distributor but only by the case. All others purchases must be made at bars or restaurants.
    This is why many Pennsylvanians go to NY, NJ, MD, DE for their wine purchases.

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      we can get beer at wegman's now though ! i'm not sure about wine..

    2. Drive to NJ. There are some decent stores in/about Princeton -- shouldn't take more than a half hour each way. I can get you some names...

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        With respect, King of Prussia to Princeton cannot be done in 1/2 hour unless you're in a helicopter.

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          In the Princeton area, the best stores are: CoolVines (Nassau and Alexander), Princeton Corkscrew(Palmer Square), Canal's Lawrenceville(Route 1), and Glendale (Quakerbridge Road). I frequent all 4 of these stores often.

        2. total wine and more (just over the border in DE) has a huge selection and ok prices. If you are looking for more of a "boutique" you will be disappointed, this is more of a home depot... except filled with booze.

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            If your looking for "boutique", Moore Brothers is the answer!

          2. As indicated, PA runs a state monopoly. Occasionally, you'll find deals on wines through the "Chairman's Selections" but be aware that transport and storage conditions are suboptimal, to say the least.

            One of the best wines stores in the country, IMHO, is just across the river in Pensauken, NJ:


            Specializes in small grower, artisanal growers.

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              I could not agree "moore" on Moore Brothers. A great store with some small production bargains! Their weekend tastings are also good.

              Other stores in the area worth visiting incldue Total Wine on 38 in Cherry Hill, Canal's Bottlestop Marlton, Canal's on 38 in Pennsauken, Roger Wilco on Route 70 in Pennsauken, and The Wine Cellar off of Route 130 in Palmyra(or maybe it is Cinnaminson). -mJ

            2. Thank you for responding. I wonder how Wegmans and Fresh market will sell their wine list. I havent had a chance to go to the Allentown Wegmans but i hear these wines aisles are run by Wines & Sprits and they refuse many brands unless they are local or american?

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                ALL WINE in the state of PA is sold by the PA LCB, no matter whether it's sold in a Wine & Spirits store or in a small area in a Wegman's or wherever (which is still a Wine & Spirits store, just a small one). The wine is sold by state employees, the money goes to the state. The PA LCB is a state-run monopoly, no competition is allowed by law.