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Jul 18, 2009 09:24 AM

Indian lunch gem in Robinson Twp?

Untill recently I've not been a fan of Indian food. My epiphany came two weeks ago at Rasika, an Indian restaurant in DC. Yesterday I had lunch at an indian food shop in Robinson Towne Center-Manpasand, next door to Value City in the strip mall across from Ikea. Lunch is a flat $5 for choice of any two curries with basmati and naan. I had an excellent chicken curry and Chenna Saag, a kind of chickpea and spinach stew. Both were spiced just right for my taste and well executed from the kitchens at Tamarind, the same ownership. Granted, this was just one visit, but for $5 this was a spectacular bargain. I ate the leftovers for lunch today. I have put Tamarind on my list of Pittsburgh restaurants I want to try and will certainly return here. Evudently, Manpasand has only been at this location 1 month, having moved from another Robinson location. I urge Pittsburgh CH'ers to give Manpasand a try. I was told there are plans to expand the menu further. Other lunchtime diners were seen to be enthusiastically grazing, too.

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  1. While I am one with just about 0 knowledge of Indian food, it is good to hear a great review such as this. I am in the Robinson area frequently and will make an effort to try Manpasand. Thanks for the tip!!!

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      You're most welcome. I hope other Pgh. CH'ers try it too. Please let me know what you think when you make it to Manpasand... I've only done one visit so far. Ciao.