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Jul 18, 2009 08:53 AM

Looking for Crema di Gianduja

Some possible brands:
Baratti & Milano, Venchi, and Caffarel. They all have hazelnut percentages above 40 percent, and are all made in Piedmont, where the greatest hazelnuts in the world are grown.

Crema Novi is the ultimate gianduja spread, made by a commercial chocolate producer based in Novi Ligure. Crema Novi is a plastic-tub brand found in Piemontese supermarkets, priced like Nutella but with a whopping 45 percent hazelnut content

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  1. I simply googled it. Baratti sold thru amazon

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    1. re: rooney

      Thanks; wondering if there was a collection of brands in one of the f oodie havens.

    2. grom usually sells the jars from guido gobino, my personal favorite of all the gianduja makers

      1. My favorite by far is Pralus, found at Murray's Cheese in the W Village. Intense hazelnut flavor paired with one of the best chocolates in the world. They run out quickly though.

        Where's a Piemontese supermarket? Crema Novi sounds like a good buy.