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Jul 18, 2009 08:22 AM

3 nights in Las Vegas...

Coming to Sin City this week to celebrate my wifes 30th Birthday. Plans so far are Tuesday night, B&B at Venetian. Wednesday Picasso and Thursday Mesa Grill. I am not set in stone on Thursday, we do have tickets to a 7pm show that night, so need a realtively quick meal...Thoughts on choices? I can't make time for Alex, but need ideas for breakfast, Pyraid? And lunches...


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  1. Tableau at the Wynn or Bouchon for breakfast are always great.

    For Thurs maybe try Guy Savoy - offering a pre-theatre menu which is basically in your time frame.

    Also CUT in Palazzo is also offering a pre-theatre menu as well, should check them out.

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      Guy Savoy is closed until July 30th, otherwise would be a no brainer. The Wynn doesn't have anything that would have me to our show in time...I agree Mesa would be a better lunch, and had that as my plan, when I thought I would do Alex. But Alex doesn't have anything to get me out in time.

      1. re: dooner78

        What about L'Atelier or even JR. He is offering some good deals there.

        1. re: SDGourmand

          I would suggest Daniel Boulud Brasserie. Great food and relatively fast if you tell them in advance I am sure they will accommodate you. Also Bar Charlie is right there in the Palazzo so you can eat there and just walk to the show without any added hassles.

          I really enjoyed Boulud's place the times that I went. You can also sit outside and get a view of the fountain show while you eat. Great steak frites and if you really want a treat, get the DB burger stuffed with short ribs, foie gras, and truffles.

          1. re: A5 KOBE

            I am heading to Bistro Moderne the following week in NYC, our show is at Mirage, so I don't know how that would play in getting through dinner here and then across to Mirage for Love.

            1. re: dooner78

              Postrio? I had an excellent meal there.

              Or Bradley Ogden is also a great place relatively close to Mirage.

              Both great.

    2. I agree with A5Kobe, I think those will be better options for you. Mesa to me is a perfect lunch spot. There are so many better dinner spots out there.

      1. My sister and her best friend had a lovely lunch at Mesa Grill while we were in Vegas last week. The 3 course prix fixe was $29, and she said it was great.
        Alex is actually closed for a couple of weeks.
        My hubby and I had the best dinner at Daniel Boulud...I chose from the Taste of Wynn menu and he chose the duo of beef and pureed potatoes. Our experience was wonderful! The country pate and the Sonoma chicken were excellently executed. The hubby's duo of beef included the best filet that we both have ever had...perfectly cooked and melted like butter in your mouth. The pureed potatoes were super creamy and super good as mine at home!
        If you happen to be at Caesar's, I would recommend a trip to Payard Patisserie. The best pastries I've ever had in my life!

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        1. re: attran99

          I believe Alex is closed until the 23rd or so, give the Wynn a call. We are finally, finally going there on the 30th, very excited as we have delayed trying it for way too long.

        2. My thought is grab a light snack before the show, and go for dinner afterwards. You're paying good money at those places for dinner, what's the point in rushing through it?

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          1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

            on the 1025 red eye back east after Love at Mirage. Dinner not an option for later, or would have done that, I mean ideally I would have booked the late night show and gone to dinner before. Upthread someone told me to go to Daniel, they don't open till 530, is that enough time to make it through a meal and then across to Mirage?

            1. re: dooner78

              Oh, it's Cirque! That changes things more than a little bit. I haven't been to Love, but if it's like the other Cirque shows in town, the show officially starts at 7, but unofficially starts at 6:30. There is pre-show entertainment that usually involves characters roaming the audience. It's fun, and helps set the stage for the action to come. You're paying a hefty sum for the tickets, so you may as well get the entire package of what you're paying for.

              For getting to Love at the proper time, I'd get a table at 5 PM at the very latest, and that's if I'm going to a restaurant at one of the properties immediately surrounding Mirage. Ah, if only the nice places stayed open in between lunch and dinner this would be so much simpler! A small thought: Daniel Boulud's dining room opens at 5:30, but the bar opens at 5. You may wish to call up DB and see what food offerings are available in the bar.

              1. re: dooner78

                Stack in the Mirage has a $30 prix fix which isn't bad for the price.
                They open at 5.
                I'd rather eat at DB but that's quite a hike from the Wynn to the Mirage if you're pressed for time.

                I saw that Cut had some kind of pre-theater menu but I didn't see what it included.
                The restaurants in the Venetian/Palazzo are reasonably convenient to the Mirage.

                1. re: zippyh

                  The wynn is connected to Palazzo, a short work over the bridge. Just the way bellagio and caesars is connected.

                  1. re: SDGourmand

                    It's a simple walk but far from short if you're in a time crunch.

                2. re: dooner78

                  definitely eat at Mirage, no stress on hotel jumping; also, you might want to see if the Mirage concierge will hold your luggage so you can jet out after the show, your schedule is a bit tight; since you are seeing Love and the Mirage staff is more than pleasant, it will make for smooth exiting, just make sure you remember; if that were me I would put a reminder on my cell phone because post show I am in sensory overload along with the casino action .... everything would distract me then!
                  Mirage restaurants offer very tasty treats there; one of my favorite snacks for a just right amount pre-show meal, watching when stuffed takes some enjoyment away, is at Mirage's Stack; start with Hot Rocks $18 Thinly Sliced Sirloin, Tableside Preparation; seasoned thin slices of raw beef, placed on the sizzling black rocks for 5 seconds and mmmmm yum, then their Kobe burger $25, med. rare, tell them if it's shared and they very nicely present separate plates complete with cones filled with fries, but fries are ignored because we love the Adult Tater Tots - $10 stuffed with Bacon & Brie, these are jumbo and melt in your mouth

                  and for some other nice specials, see links and other postings/CHers calling out for Vegas trip recs;
                  note; Kokomo's is usually packed but their prix fixe looks really good

                  for a lunch meal, Olive's (Todd English) at Bellagio is fantastic; their bread basket variety is tasty but the caramelized onion focaccio is favorite, then dip in the two incredible olive tapenade spreads; from lunchtime menu only my choice is always the Tuna Carpaccio with olive oil mashed potatoes, crisp pasta cracker, lemon aioli, capers, parsley; this is shown as appetizer but it's perfect amount for me, most likely because I'm hooked on the bread and olives;
                  important point of Olives is their location, on the Bellagio 'lake' with lovely balcony terrace seating; very romantic at night with fountain/lights/music, believe they have misters for cooling; and of course the food, melt in your mouth thin Beef Carpaccio over greens and polenta, but I always have the Butternut Squash Tortelli, brown butter, sage, parmesan cheese...heaven.