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Restaurant with great whisky/bourbon list?

hey everyone!

my boyfriend's birthday is next week and i'd like to take him out to dinner to a place with a fantastic whisky/bourbon/cocktail list. i've looked at brandy library but their food menu is limited to small plates. we've already tried char no. 4 and clover club in brooklyn - and i'm looking for something a little more special. seems like all the great cocktail places i know don't serve dinner....

any suggestions? open to places in brooklyn as well!

thanks for your help!

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  1. Brandy Library is a really good post-dinner spot. Get the gougeres, they are fantastic.

    For a birthday dinner, Keens is a good choice for a scotch/whiskey/bourbon lover. They will even do tasting flights. The atmosphere and history is just icing on the cake. And I know very few men who say no to a good steak.

    For something more casual, or just pre-dinner drinks, Blue Smoke and Wildwood have good lists (I guess BBQ places tend to?).

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      Keens has the best scotch/bourbon/whiskey menu in the city. I think that would be the place to go.

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        Keens is the best for Scotch.

        Blue Smoke for a pretty good bourbon selection

    2. allen and delancey -- they have a great food and cocktail menu -- plenty of which include bourbon.

      1. Dinosaur BBQ has a good bourbon menu (and some pretty good beers as well).

        1. Hill Country has a great bourbon list too.

          1. "Char No. 4" on Smith St. in Brooklyn. All Bourbon all the time...718.643.2106 Awesome food. Casual but nice. The "blt" is divine.

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              "we've already tried char no. 4 and clover club in brooklyn"

              They've already been and are looking for somewhere new.

            2. Let me introduce you to St. Andrews Restaurant & Bar (http://www.standrewsnyc.com/)! Not really a cocktails place, but they serve them. Their specialty is having the largest Single Malt Scotch collection in NYC. Their food is pretty good. Service is great! Great for groups! Can be crowded by the bar, but they take reservations.

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                Oh and for something different, you can go eat at Village Yokocho (http://www.yelp.com/biz/village-yokoc...), then finish off with whisky and tasty cocktails at Angel's Share (http://nymag.com/listings/bar/angels_...), the speakeasy-like bar attached to Yokocho. They have some fabulous Japanese Whiskies that are on the shelves, but not on the menu. The problem with them is that groups are limited to 4 people. The place is fantastic!

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                  Just went to Wildwood yesterday. Great Ribs! Pretty good Bourbon/American Whisky offering. They even have ones not on their online menu (http://www.brguestrestaurants.com/res...).

                  And I hear Buttermilk Channel is good (http://buttermilkchannelnyc.com/menus...).

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                  Second the recomendation of St Andrews which I prefer over Keens for their Single Malt selection. St Andrews menu also offers a tasting size as well as a dram.

                3. I am new to Scotch whiskey, but the bartenders at Elettaria have been helping to educate my palate. They have a great range of bourbons and Scotches along with a notable cocktail list.

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                    You've got to make it out to:

                    1. Brandy Library. If Ethan is around he is amazing, knows his stuff, but is very charming, funny, relaxed, not snobby at all. They have tastings that come in a cool little wooden box with some still water on the side.

                    2. Astor Center's Scotch tasting classes... also taught by Ethan. There doesn't seem to be one on the calendar right now but my husband took it and said it was fantastic.

                    3. The scotch tasting flights at Keens. Try a few for not too much money in a nice atmosphere.

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                      And don't forget Single Malt Saturdays at Brandy Library. It's Free!

                      Keep an eye out for all the free tasting out there. There will be tons over the next few months as it gets chilly out. I've been posting what I find on Whisky Guild ( http://whiskyguild.com/whiskynetwork/... )