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Jul 18, 2009 08:08 AM

honeymoon in paris

hello all -

my wife (to be!) and i will be passing through Paris on our way to the Amalfi Coast for our honeymoon in September. we only have two nights in Paris - and I have some thoughts on lunch/dinner. I'd really appreciate feedback from the board.

i haven't been to paris since I was a broke college student and we're both very excited about the food.

we'll be staying at the Pavilion de la Reine.

(If this adds perspective, we're mid-thirties downtown New Yorkers)

Day one:

Lunch: Carre des Feuillants

Dinner: Chez Julien

Drink after dinner: Roof terrace at the Hotel Raphael

Day two:

Lunch: Le Cinq

Dinner: Les Gourmets de Termes or Josephine

Thoughts? Obviously looking to save a bit of money by choosing the nicer meals for lunch. And then more comfortable places for dinner. But would really appreciate all suggestions.

Also for good places close to the hotel for a coffee or wine.

All the best.


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  1. Cafe Hugo is a few steps from the hotel, a fine upscale place with quite decent food etc. Scratch Les Gourmets des Ternes, Carre des Feuillants and Chez Julien (yuck); not up to NYC standards or your other choices. Ambroisie is just down the street, as is Guirlande de Julie. Since you only have a few days, why not enjoy the Marais and the beautiful Place des Vosges?

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    1. re: Oakglen

      wow. glad i asked - i was running with suggestions from the NYTimes and from this board.

      ambroisie sounds great but incredibly expensive. what are some nearby 2 & 3 star places with good-value lunch menus?

    2. Indeed if it is a good weather evening the roof terrace at the Raphael is magical ! Great choice !!

      1. Has anybody tried La Gazzetta ?