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Jul 18, 2009 07:51 AM

Help with soft food diet please!!!

My dear Hubby is home from Stanford and needs to eat soft foods (no chewing involved, or are dissolvalble like chocolate) that are tasty and nutritious.

He is at risk for bleeding and has lost sensitivity in his cheeks so can easily bite his cheek.

I've done mashed potaotes, guac or p-nut butter shooters, mashed banana, legume soups, yogurt smoothie etc.

CAN YOU GIVE SIMPLE SUGGESTIONS TO GET MY BRAIN GOING? I'M TRYING TO MAKE THE FOOD AND PRESENTAION AS NICE AS POSSIBLE while the rest of us are sometimes eating regular (chewed) foods as well. Trying to mix up the menu so he doesn't feel like he's being relegated to hospital-type food. After 82 days of that, he's ready for the change and a dose of REAL LIFE. He is doing well for now and we want to make his life as normal as possible.

Thanks, hounds, I'll know you'll help me make this work. Nothing like giving food to someone as the ultimate expression of LOVE.

Bless you!


Toodie Jane

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  1. Maybe cream soups or polenta. If polenta is okay you could load it with his favorite cheese, you could stir in finely chopped herbs. Gazpacho is tasty, in season and has some color. I'm glad he's home and doing well.

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      I just found lots of ideas for cold soups at he cold soup thread! But more hot food ideas needed. thanks!

      Foods like polenta still need mastication, so thick liquidy things are best.

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        Keep in mind that vichysoisse (from the COOL soups thread--I think there is a cold and a COOL!) can also be served lukewarm when you first make it. I made it this past week and actually prefer it slightly warm. No chewing and leave out the chives on top (or snip them in very, very fine little bits). You'll note I joked that mine kinda looked like a bowl of Morse code. ;)

        Sweet corn cakes are a favorite of mine and fit the soft food category, too:
        (see second recipe in the following link

        How about avgolemono? Here's the recipe I use (and yet another soup thread for you):

        The soup is still tasty minus the chicken and the carrots--I've done it without myself. It's so tasty and creamy! And if orzo is too much for your husband, maybe try pastina or acini pepe since they're smaller.

        Don't forget dessert...if you can find custardy yogurt (not the fruit on the bottom kind), you can make "mousse" by folding a cup of it into a small container of Cool Whip. It's really refreshing for summer...and the rest of the family can enjoy some, too (serve in little graham tart shells or spread into a graham or chocolate pie shell). You can freeze it, also!

        Love is a "secret ingredient" in so much of our home cooking. I'm sure your hubby is thrilled to be coming home. I'm wishing your him a speedy recovery and thinking good thoughts for him...and for YOU, too!


    2. I've looked and not found a post from a while back. Seems like it was an aunt whose niece had broken both arms and she was looking for liquid things that could be consumed through a straw. Maybe someone else can find it.

      Also, if your husband can eat mashed potatoes then he can eat polenta, the creamy kind. I'm also wondering about some kind of savory version of rice pudding. A nasty secret about myself? When I was a child, I was convinced that I didn't like the taste of the inside of green peas! So I swallowed them whole!!!!! With petite peas, he could do the same. Good luck to all of you.

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        With peas, you could probably use your tongue to smush them; you'd have an urge to chew the skins, though, I'd imagine. Toodie Jane, hope he's improving each day *sending good thoughts your way*

        1. Smoothies! I've been on a kick lately...I just blend up fruit/yogurt/ice, very tasty and nutritious.

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            Don't forget to add some flax seed meal or peanut butter to the smoothie for added nutrition! I've been on a smoothie kick lately too with all the blueberries in abundance in the stores.

          2. I worked in hospital/rehab, where soft & puree diets were a mainstay. First rule is : almost ANYTHING can be blended. Use a good blender or food processor to get the texture he needs. Use stock or water to thin, potato flakes to thicken, etc. Tender meats blended with gravy. Oatmeal or cream of wheat with flavorings. Use lots of herbs, spices, etc to make it as tasty as the "regular" version. Crustless quiches can be good, and look nice. Pasta blended with a cream sauce. The dietician or speech pathologist at the hospital can be great sources of information & help. Good luck, and so glad he is home with you.

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              I agree with elfcook.
              My mother had reconstructive jaw surgery a few years ago and had her jaw wired shut. I discovered that many many items blended with almost any liquid will produce a good product. A few examples;
              French fries and gravy
              vegetable soup, clam chowder, or almost any soup
              meat puree with curry sauce
              Chow mein with pork broth
              Steamed hot dogs with beef broth
              short ribs with its gravy
              etc etc