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Jul 18, 2009 07:37 AM

Hole in the wall Chicago

Anybody know of any hole in the wall restaurants or places to get food around the loop area and the mag-mile. Will take any suggestions even if it is outside these areas but close to them.

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  1. You can not get more hole in the wall than the Oasis Cafe - one of the best middle eastern restaurants in Chicago -

    Oasis Cafe
    21 N Wabash Ave Ste 11, Chicago, IL 60602

    1. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "hole-in-the-wall" (it's attached to the hostel under the arches on Congress), but for some of the best Latin-American sandwiches in Chicago at a reasonable price, try Cafecito:

      On the other hand, if it's fried chicken you're looking for , I think Harolds (at 636 S. Wabash) would fit the designation.

      1. If it's just a dog or sandwich, Max's Take Out 20 East Adams