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Jul 18, 2009 06:27 AM

Rec needed Detroit matinee

20-30 of us going to see Jersey Boys; age ranges 25 to 75. Need a dining place that is Italian (to fit the theme) and casual (not Olive Garden Italian). Not formal and expense, but authentic, will even consider a small banquet hall and I can set menu. We would all be eating the same thing.

If all else fails, how is the greektown casino buffet?

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  1. assume you are going to be downtow - fisher theater?

    roma cafe - easten market (closed sunday)

    mario's second avenue just south of canfield (around the corner from traffic jam & snug)

    angelina's grand circus park - have not been but have heard decent things

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    1. re: xman887

      Are all of these casual or quite formal?

      1. re: itryalot

        you can go casual and be comfortable.

        the roma waiters wear tux's but there is definately no dress code. it is not a fancy place. it is a 100 year old italian dining room. make sure you get the roma salad with your meal.

    2. A second group of us is coming the week before for another get together and would go for any good buffet or other cuisine, doesn't have to be Italian. Other recs needed for that.