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Jul 18, 2009 05:50 AM

chard ...

I love my fruit and veg box. BUT I am growing tired of having to figure out what to do with the chard that seems to be a year round fixture. Any good vegetarian ideas?
This is what I have made of it recently...
-chard and potato spanish omelet
-braised garlicy chard w pasta, polenta,
- north african flavoured lentil, chard, tomato and potato soup

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  1. I cook chard several times a month but usually don't stray from a few prearations we like.... simple sautee with EVOO, garlic & onions, or as a component to a stir-fry, and as you did over pasta perhaps with fried pancetta & sauteed mushrooms. It's a nutricious and tasty veggie and a good addition to round out any meal.

    Some very good sugestions here:

    Also here:

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        yes! I make the Chipotle Gigante beans recipe from with cannellini beans and double the chard in the recipe. It is so so good!!

        1. re: hollyd

          cannellinis complement chard, escarole and kale and are decent off the shelf.
          gigantes? these are a labor of love (i used dried) ... but well worth the time!
          (chipotles ... i do like that smoke ... got to give this a try)

          1. re: TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis

            last time I skipped the pesto and just topped with some chopped cilantro. The sum of these parts is seriously better than you'd think!

        2. re: TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis

          Yes, of course you're right. And, I have done in the past. As I think about it I've also tossed the combo with pasta. Very tasty, that! Especially with freshly grated Pecarino Romano.

          1. re: Gio

            I suspect we're on the same page ... though ... every once in a while i've tossed a dollop of harissa to kick it up. hollyd's suggestion ... with those smoked jalapenos ... might just "work".

            1. re: TheDescendedLefticleOfAramis

              Hmmmm... Harissa. That's interesting. Spicy Italian sausages have been known to find their way into my skillet once in a while. Never thought of the chipotle, though. Now that I think of it red pepper flakes are part of the mix as well. Apparently my short term memory is zilch.

      2. friends have loved chard sauted in olive oil with ginger, and garlic, with some honey garlic sauce drizzled over before it's done cooking. nothing fancy, obviously. just something we enjoy at cottage when we have limited ingredients. be sure to leave the chard tender-crisp.

        1. I'm not really great with the chard use, either. Other than the usual pan fry with reduced balsamic, I've tried and liked

          -- a non-traditional stracciatella with shredded chard leaves (doesn't use up that much chard, though)
          -- swiss chard quiche
          -- chard pancakes (finely chop chard, mix with flour, eggs, salt, milk, pan fry; this prep is courtesy of my mom)

          1. We love chard. Other than spinach, it's DH's favorite green. I cook vegetarian, but many of these ideas use cheese/dairy so I hope that's okay for you.

            --chard & escarole soup: saute garlic and red pepper flakes in olive oil; add stock (we use veg stock) and bring to boil; add 1/4 lb farfalle; when pasta is al dente add one head of escarole (torn) and one large bunch of chard (torn, hard stem removed) and cook just a few minutes so they still have a bit of bite; take off heat and add juice of one lemon. You can sprinkle with parm if you like.

            --polenta & chard: similar to this recipe . Sorry I can't find the exact one I use. Basically it's a layer of polenta (prepared with butter and cheese) in the bottom of a baking dish, then a layer of chard sauteed with garlic, some cheese or sour cream, top with another layer of polenta, sprinkle some parm on top and bake.

            --sandwiches: we really like to have grilled cheese and salads a lot in the summer. On ciabatta rolls, spread dijon mustard and top with sliced gruyere interspersed with torn chard, then top of roll. Grill on stove top until golden; I like to press them down so the cheese and chard really get gooey together.

            --omelettes or fritattas (works especially well in the latter
            )--sauteed just with garlic, red pepper, spritzed with lemon juice
            --I once filled wonton wrappers with leftover sauteed chard and then fried them. Not bad.
            --braise chard with either stock (veg) or even tomatoes so it has a more stew-y consistency
            --sub for escarole in soups like escarole and canellini bean
            --put on pizza

            Can't think of any more right now. I'd love it if you would post the North African lentil-potato-chard soup recipe. That sounds good.

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            1. re: LNG212

              We get a lot of chard in "our box" in the winter, and recently fought over this recipe from Jack Bishop's "Vegetables Every Day". Chilled Chard . Damp chard, sprinkled with salt, cooked at medium for ten minutes. Chill over collander. Store chilled until you are ready, then serve with teaspoon each of olive oil and lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. .

              1. re: Shrinkrap

                from that same cookbook, I completely love the "slow cooked chard". Over brown rice with a little mozzarella...I could practically eat the whole batch.

                1. re: Budino

                  Missed that one. Sounds like another "favorite".

              2. re: LNG212

                I cooked onions, carrots, garlic in pot with olive oil, cumin, fennel, pepper flakes, and cinnamon. Once onions were browning, I added cubbed potatoes, some yellow lentils (or maybe it was mung daal?) water, stock cube, tinned chopped tomatoes. Once potatoes were tender, I added ribbons of chard, and cooked till tender but still bright green. Served it with cilantro on top. Very good for a rainy summer day.

                1. re: relizabeth

                  That sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.

              3. I made this earlier this week - perfect for work lunches.