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Jul 18, 2009 05:29 AM

brunch/lunch near columbus circle

Meeting out of town friends (4-6 people total) at 11 am on a Sunday morning for brunch/lunch. They are staying at Columbus 6, a hotel on Columbus Circle at 58th and 8th. Looking for a nice place to sit and eat a little something. Anything walkable within 5-10 blocks or so? I know there is a subway right there so if we need to jump on a subway and go a few stops on that line it would not be the end of the world. Walking locally from Columbus Circle is my first choice, though.

Ideally would have decent food, not too expensive, not too noisy/crowded. No long waits.. It is more about old friends catching up over coffee and eats than about the food. Not looking for a brunch extravaganza with bellinis, just a nice place to sit..

I did see the suggestion on another post for a Whole Foods /Central Park picnic, cute idea but not right for this group. Need a restaurant.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. good place to sit is la pain quotidien 58 th st and 7th ave chow is also ok

    1. I had breakfast at Landmarc in the Time Warner center 2 weeks ago when I was in town, I was also staying at the 6 Columbus, and thought it was excellent and not too expensive. It is a beautiful place with big windows and the tables are not too close together. I don't expect to be a big line there at 11 AM.

      1. Most brunch places open at noon. Having said that, walk down 9th Ave. from 58th street down nd you will find a whole slew of places.

        New American: Whym on 58th & 9th
        Diner: Route 66 on 56th & 9th
        Cuban: Guantanemaro ? 56th & 8th
        Turkish: Istanbul cafe on 57th between 8th & 9th

        1. thanks for the quick responses...both whym and le pain quotidien sound like good choices.

          Think I'll avoid the landmarc...I'm sure it's lovely but looks like the bill can be a bit higher there.

          Thanks much!


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              thanks for weighing in intrepid...I'll stick to le pain quotidien!

          1. For something a little less crowded and more upscale, what about Bar Boulud? I think I recently ended up having a 2 hr brunch there, just catching up with a friend from out of town. It probably also helped that we ordered a ton of food. But my gut feeling is that the more expensive places will be less popular and have less pressure to turn the table, so you can linger.

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              just checked the Bar Boulud website...looks gorgeous! looking for something simpler..will keep in mind for a future special occasion. thanks, kathryn!