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Jul 18, 2009 12:09 AM

where to get large cork stoppers in Manhattan?

Not sure which board to post this moderator please move as see fit.

I'm looking to buy a large cork stop (cork toppers are they called?) about 1.5 inch diameter for my glass water pitcher. The original soft rubber stopper is very hard to clean. I always find black substance in the crevices that doesn't come off even with a strong brush.

In Manhattan I've looked so far in Gracious Home, Bed, Bath & Beyond. No luck. I see one source online that may work, but would like to see them in person if possible.


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  1. Zabar's upstairs usually has things like that. I'd look in the back where they have various kinds of storage jars or ask at the upstairs checkout, where they often keep things like corks and gaskets.

    1. check out
      65 E. 8th St.


      75 Spring Street

      what about WILLIAM SONOMA?

      1. Bowery Kitchen in the Chelsea Market usually has stoppers and other things like that. I'm not sure about the exact size you are looking for. Maybe give them a call first.

        1. Thanks all for your ideas! I forgot to mention that I did go to Zabars the first day. They had some glass jars with cork tops, but not the right size, nor sold separately. They couldn't tell me where to get just the tops.

          Bowery Kitchen supply, Broadway Pan Handler, William Sonoma I have looked on their sites. Nothing there it seems. Though the web site for Bowery Kitchen doesn't have pictures, so maybe they do have it, just not showing.

          Sur la Table had one item that seemed promising, but alas, also doesn't seem to sell the top separately.

          I found a website of a place in Woodside that defintely have the ability to supply all and anything cork, but minimum order is $50.

          Someone mentioned maybe an arts and craft store. I haven't look yet. My last resort would be to order online where there are no minimum. I think i saw one place that sells the size i want for $2 a piece.

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