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Jul 17, 2009 11:48 PM

Maui Questions: Hali`imaile General Store & Mama's Fish House

Hi, I am trying to plan some special meals for our upcoming trip to Maui (early September). Based on reading past reviews on this board, Hali`imaile General Store and Mama's Fish House are both on my list. But I had a couple of questions about them. First, can someone give me an idea of the price? Several reviews mention that they are "expensive," but that is relative...I want to know what I am getting into! Can you please give me a rough idea of the price of the average appetizer & entree at these restaurants? Second, do you think it would be possible for them to accommodate a party of 2 for dinner without reservations? Given that they are far away from where we are staying in West Maui, I was thinking of going to Hali`imaile General Store on the way home from the crater and Mama's on the way home from a Hana excursion. But it would be really hard for me to estimate what time we'd get there. Is it crazy to just stop by? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. You picked my 2 Maui favorites! We got back about a month ago and dined at both places for lunch. Lunch at Mama's is less expensive than dinner by maybe 30%. Apps are about $15 or so. Entrees start at about $20 and go up to $50 at lunch. The cheaper lunch entrees (sandwiches) are not available at dinner. Desserts are in the $15 range. A glass of wine is about $15. While it may be possible to be seated for dinner without a reservation, I would personally prefer to make a reservation and ask to be seated at one of the tables by the window to enjoy the view, unless you will arrive after sunset. In my opinion, the interior tables would be less than desirable. We arrived without reservations at the Hali'imalie General Store and had a wonderful table. There are no real tables with a "view" since it is literally in the middle of a pineapple plantation. Our lunch bill was $86 without tip for one cocktail, an app, a salad, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts. I would expect dinner entrees to be in the range of $20 and up. This was our first visit to HSG and we were just blown away by the food. We will definitely go back there but would probably not go for dinner. I don't know the availability of tables for walk ins there. I would personally want to have a reservation for a Friday or Saturday but might walk in on a weeknight. Good luck!

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      Thanks so much for the info! Out of curiosity, why wouldn't you go to HGS for dinner? Too expensive, too difficult to drive back in the dark, or what? When you went for lunch, were you able to combine it with other site-seeing? I really want to make it out there, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to fit it into a vacation day. I've never been to Maui before so it's hard for me to picture the best way to pair up meal outings with other activities.

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        The HSG menu can be viewed at Check it out since the lunch and dinner menus are somewhat different. I guess the lunch menu seemed more interesting to me than the dinner menu ( I had the kalua pork enchilada pie and it was amazing). The atomosphere is definitely not "intimate". The tables are close together and there is really no view to speak of (unless you consider a Quonset hut in a pineapple field to be a great view). But the food was just delicious. Part of the draw for visiting Mama's is the beautiful view. We always enjoy having lunch there and then relaxing for an hour or so on the beach in front of the restaurant. The drive from either Mama's or HSG to Lahaina takes about 45 minutes and I would certainly not want to have a couple of drinks and then make the drive, especially at night. There are plenty of dinner options on the western side of the island that make more sense to me than these two. I guess if you get up early to see Haleakala, you could easily have a late lunch (1 or 2 pm) at either one. If you intend to combine either one with the road to Hana, dinner is probably the best bet. Does this help you?

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          This is very helpful, thanks!

    2. This review includes Mama's Fish House with our prices:

      Bev Gannon is similar, though probalby just a touch lower. We missed it on our last trip, and that saddened us greatly, as we love her food.



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        Thanks, Bill. Yes, I saw your excellent, detailed reviews, and they are a big part of the reason why we want to visit these restaurants! But it was difficult for me to estimate our cost based on your total of $375 because your total included wine, which can increase the tab considerably, and we don't plan to drink with our meal.

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          Yes, and in our case, the wines were a big part of it. One could get by much more cheaply, if they did not go to white Burgs, for the wine. There were some decently-priced (for a resort) CA offerings, but with food, I normally head to FR for the wine list, unless there is a good reason to stay domestic.


      2. It looks like everyone before me has the prices listed out accurately. We have done a dinner at HGS after visiting the crater, and it was extremely memorable. We arrived early for dinner that night, and decided to order a bunch of apps and share. They had a yellowtail sashimi dish that completely rocked our world. The seafood at HGS is extraordinary. Worth the drive, worth the price. We walked in without a resv. for two. Skip lunch and splurge one night with Bev Gannon, you will not regret it.

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          Thanks for the info! It's nice to know that an early walk-in dinner after a crater visit is do-able. We're either going to do dinner after the crater or lunch right after we fly in, straight from the airport.

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            I completely concur. Lunch is very good, but dinner is really amazing. We usually try to do both. My dad claims the scallops he had back in May at dinner were the best he's ever had. Also agree about the seafood overall, it's always top notch. And if you get there for dinner right at 5:30 when they open, you should still have some light left for at least part of the drive back. And be sure to try the crab pizza which is served at both lunch and dinner.

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              Thanks for the advice! In that case, I will definitely plan to go to dinner after the crater (and order the crab pizza followed by seafood). Is it a problem to drive back after dark? I've never been to Maui before, I don't know if the roads in that area are treacherous.

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                The roads aren't treacherous, but once you pass the harbor area and start the drive to Lahaina/Kaanapali, you travel for a ways on a kind of winding and dark road. It can be treacherous if there's a strong wind, though. As long as you don't over-imbibe, you should be fine.