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Jul 17, 2009 10:06 PM

Looking for Family Style dining in Garden Grove

I'm looking for a Vietnamese restaurant where we can dine family style. Any suggestions is appreciate.

FYI --We've been to the following restaurants this week:
Hanoi Restaurant
Banh Cuon Tay Ho
Gia Hoi
Banh Mi Che Cali

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  1. We really enjoyed Favori, but I've only been there once, fairly recently. Almost every table ordered the crispy baked catfish. It is shared by the table and they bring rice paper wrappers, bowl of water to soften them, piles of fresh herbs, we asked for rice noodles too, lettuce and dipping sauce. You then make your own fresh spring rolls. The fish is crispy outside, lovely inside and scattered with crushed roasted peanuts and green onion. I think you can order by the pound, or at least small, medium or large. We had the smallest for 3 people and stuffed ourselves, it could have fed 4.

    The tables that did not have the fish (and the large family table next to us said it was a must for first timers), shared hot pot. They also have a French menu which sounded intriguing but didn't explore. Several interesting French steak preparations at great prices, escargot, iirc, and other dishes.

    I loved it and would go back anytime. My aunt was raving about it, uncle liked the food, but not rolling his own spring rolls badly and getting it all over his hands. I'd get him a bowl next time to layer the food in.

    Some reviews say it is romantic, but I don't see it. There are large tables of families with kids, groups of friends. The waiters are very busy, but correct and in suits/tuxes. They were good to us overall. And they asked us to move our table so they could make a bigger table for a group. No problem for us, we weren't even served yet, but they comped us dessert. Nice.

    It is in Santa Ana, very close to where you are looking. Do a board search here to find the many favorable reviews. That's how I found it.

    Favori Restaurant
    3502 W 1st St, Santa Ana, CA 92703

    1. New Capital off of intersection of Magnolia and Westminster have great weekend lunch specials of the more chinese seafood restaurant variety, family style.

      For homestyle food, Thanh My which is in Westminster is good to feed a whole family on the cheap (9553 Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683 - com phan).

      Have you thought about 7 courses of beef? I like Thien An (9477 Bolsa Ave Westminster, CA 92683), but this is the original chain from Vietnam too - Anh Hong (10195 Westminster Ave Garden Grove, CA 92843). I don't care for Pagolac for 7 courses of beef.

      1. Quan Hy - on Bolsa great atmosphere, Central Viet food. A lot of pp come to this restaurant when visiting Southern Cali. Specialties: bun bo hue, banh beo, mi quang not necessary family style but a lot of families come here for the good food.

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          If you are looking for something a little nicer, but still authentic, Quan Hy is a good choice. There is always a decent crowd there. I love Hue style food and the atmosphere is nice. In fact, I ate there yesterday and had Bun Oc. MMMMMM... The only thing sketchy are the egg rolls. Get the rice cakes, they are some of the best in town.

          There sister restaurant (Quan Hop) is a good choice if you like Pho or food outside of the central area. Quan Hy doesn't serve Pho since they specialize in central cuisine. They make a pretty good Bun Bo Hue.

        2. Vien Dong, on Brookhurst near 13th. Fantastic bun cha Ha Noi, the best cha gio in Little Saigon, and amazing cha ca thanh long (turmeric-marinated grilled fish with dill and onions).

          Not in GG but not far is Xanh, on Brookhurst and Edinger in Fountain Valley. Just about everything on the menu is really excellent, and it's that rare thing in Little Saigon, a place with excellent service and decor.

          Finally, if you really love seafood, go to Newport Tan Cang at 4411 W 1st (corner Newhope) in Santa Ana and get the house-style lobster, and maybe some bo luc lac. Make sure to get noodles with the lobster. Expect to pay $40 for that lobster but it is usually 4-5 lbs.