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Jul 17, 2009 09:58 PM

Where do you go to get your raspados (Mexican shaved ice) fix?

I know about Zacatecas Raspados in East LA as well as Zacatecas Raspados near Lincoln Park (in Lincoln Heights), and have heard that Milk now has a shaved ice machine for (a gringo version of?) raspados.

What's your go-to place for Mexican shaved ice? And any unique flavors out there?

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  1. You've already mentioned the only place that I've been to that calls out to me in the night - Zacatecas Raspados! Especially the Raspados de Coco and the one whose name escapes me for now that is light brown in color, very sweet and kind of egg noggy.

    Zacatecas Raspados
    422 N Ford Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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      Rompope? For someplace different there is a popular stall in El Mercado next to the parking lot entrance. It is too sweet for me but there seem to be a lot of happy people there.

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        Rompope, yes that's the one! I did think of it after I went to bed, hey it's gonna be over 100 deg F today, raspados are in order everyone!

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          Huell Howser just featured a place in East LA last night. Could it be this one?

          1. re: selfportrait93

            Yes, this is the one-- I just saw the rerun last night. Best quote of the show:

            Huell (in heavy Tennessee drawl): "Now tell me, why don't you just call them snow cones?!"

            They also featured Singapore Banana Leaf's ice kachang and chendol.

            Mr Taster

        2. I've been making my own every night this past week:

          1. Actually, when I went to Milk there was a guy outside hand shaving the ice. I wouldn't say any of the flavors were particularly unique, though.

            1. I love Raspados Y Churros Frutal in Canoga Park at 20849 Sherman Way (NE corner of Desoto and Sherman Way).

              They have a great selection of Raspados including my favorite--WALNUT!

              The phone number is (818) 710-3907.